maandag 28 januari 2008


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Exactly a month from now I'll be on my way to Copenhagen. Since I'll be traveling there by train, I'm looking at 15 hours of immense boredom, (suggestions to kill time, other than reading a book, are more than welcome.) Ofcourse I could just take a plane and get it over with in three hours. But while 3 hours full of suffering and what seems to be endless agony might seem like a fun idea to some of us, I prefer to keep my feet steadily on the ground. So by train it is.

Anyway, not only will I be visiting Copenhagen, I also intend to pay a little visit to the lovely city of Mälmo. Which means that after this trip, I can add both Denmark and Sweden to my 'countries I've travelled to-list'. How very exciting! (Seeing that list grow is seriously one of my great pleasures in life) Obviously I hope this trip will enable me to take a lot of photographs, because after all, that's what I like to do best. And if I happen to come across some nice clothingstores, so be it.

Some Copenhagen Flickr favourites:
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siagrafica zei

Hej, ik heb niet echt tips om de tijd te doden terwijl je in de trein zit {ik zou los gaan in m'n Moleskine notebook, maar wellicht is tekenen in een wiebelende trein niet optimaal...}, maar ik heb wel een tip voor in CPH {of eigenlijk net daarbuiten}:

Ga naar LOUISIANA. Elke keer dat ik naar CPH ga, ga ik naar LOUISIANA {= halfuurtje met de trein vanaf CPH CS}. Cool museum, altijd goede tentoonstellingen {vanaf 20/02 o.a. Giacometti}, supermooie omgeving, je ziet zelfs Zweden liggen...

Me zei

Great pics!

onomatopoeia. zei

@siagrafica: dankjewel voor de tip! Als mijn schema het toelaat zal ik er zeker naartoe gaan ;)

Héloïse J. zei

you could write small stories +adapt them to photos you-re going to take there. search for the scenery!
have a nice trip :)

That Day zei

Je maakt mij heel heel erg jaloers..pff, geniet ervan!

onomatopoeia. zei

@heloïse j.: that's an awesome idea! no, actually it's brilliant! I will certainly try that :)

@that day: dankjewel!