zaterdag 2 februari 2008

Expansion drift

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I'm thinking about expanding this blog. Right now it's about photography 90% of the time and for some reason it feels like some sort of an obligation to stick to that theme. Yet I often feel like writing about other subjects as well. I like a bit of variation. Feeling restricted to one area of interest is just not working for me. So it's time for a change. As always, with change comes wondering, and in this case I wonder:

Would anybody be interested in reading about whatever it is I feel like writing about? Whether that'd be awesome music, horrendous movies or my mother's toothache?

Eventhough I know I should be able to write about anything regardless of other people's opinions or interests, having an actual audience is always nice. We all love a bit of applause.
Your opinion is (obviously) very much appreciated. Merci et au revoir :)

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Van mij mag je over van alles schrijven. Door de manier waarop je schrijft, lijkt alles interessant. Ga je eigenlijk ooit nog een blog in het Nederlands schrijven? Dat doe je namelijk ook heel goed!

Mila zei

Kom maar op!
Ik vind het zelf juist erg leuk; een blog met allerlei verschillende onderwerpen. Lekker gevarieerd!

Allure zei

I would love to know your opinion on some issues, so go for it.