donderdag 14 februari 2008



Made an Ikea wishlist with things I want for my, not yet acquired but certainly upcoming, new room. Went shopping there yesterday and bought some new things (pictured below). Coveted an awful lot more. I especially like the white cabinet in the upper right corner. I would love to have one of those to stall my books in, but unfortunately it's a bit too expensive for my taste. I also love the colourscheme of this collage. As you can see, white will probably be the main colour with some black and brown. And probably some floral patterns. The piece I like the most is the lamp in the upper left corner. It's pretty big, about 75cm's in diameter and it looks fantastic upclose. Too bad it's quite expensive, I'm really hesitant about buying it because I'm not sure whether it's worth 60 euro's or not. One thing I am sure about though is that I want a white couch. Against my own better judgement. Against my mother's better judgement, heck even against the universe's better judgement. Because we all know that a white couch is bound to get stained. Luckily I would take a stained white couch over a differently coloured couch any day, so it's a pretty good deal nonetheless if you ask me. I'm probably going back there today to buy it. Maybe I'll take the smaller white bookcase as well. Buying new furniture is a lot of fun, it certainly beats shopping for new clothes.

some pillows, a bathroomset, floral sheets and a photoframe

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Mila zei

Ja Ikea is echt een heerlijke plek! ;) Ik was er vorige week en toen kocht ik ook dat dekbedovertrek! Ik heb die kast die je graag wilt al een paar jaar en hij is inderdaad super voor al je boeken en leuke spulletjes en zo. En als je een witte bank koopt met afneembare en wasbare hoes (je kan m op 60 graden wassen!) heb je niet snel last van vlekken. Ik heb vooral last van kattenharen erop, maar goed...
Veel plezier met kopen en inrichten!

onomatopoeia. zei

Ik ben maar voor de goedkoopste bank gegaan, die had helaas geen afneembare hoes, maar mijn wijze moeder drong erop aan dat ik er een grote lap witte stof bij moest nemen, dan zou zij daar wel een hoes van maken, heel handig zo'n moeder ;)

bee zei

love the ikea pieces you've chosen!

I also fell in love with the small brown table with the four chairs tucked into the corners until I actually went to the store and tried it out. The chairs are SO uncomfortable I could not sit in them for more than a few seconds. They must be made for tiny or oddly shaped people, though the concept (space-saving) is fantastic.