zondag 16 maart 2008

Daily Inspiration

"Clothes That Charm"
Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia (march '08)
Once again Paolo Roversi has managed to captivate me with his beautiful photographs. I love that his work is always so dark and dreamy. I am mostly intrigued by the photograph with the mirror. There's something about it that makes me as enthousiastic as a little boy who's just won the soccer finale. I don't know whether it's the beautiful atmosphere, the way the colour of the eyes matches the colour of the dress, the beautiful messy curly hair, the fabric and design of the dress or simply all of the above. Nevertheless, this photograph comes pretty close to perfection.
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more photographs at thefashionspot.com

3 opmerkingen:

Cool Urbanite. zei

Dat model is wunderschon! En je hebt gelijk er hangt een mooie, dromerige sfeer.

camille zei

oh, my! they're wonderful pics, really pretty, and as the cherry of the cake, there's ali michael, a young model i love :)
i adore your blog, bye!

Mila zei

Zoo mooi! Paolo Roversi is best een genie, hij weet altijd precies de juiste sfeer te laten zien in zijn foto's. Echt heel mooi. :)