zondag 9 maart 2008

I'm no pair of dancing shoes

*trying really hard to ignore the cheesy title of the song*

I love Gavin deGraw's new song. No let me rephrase that, I love Gavin. His first album Chariot was and is genius. It's been in my cdplayer ever since I first discovered it back in 2005. It just doesn't get boring. In the summer of 2006 I went to see one of his shows. It was quite brilliant. And he's such a cool guy. Before the show started he came outside to talk to the people who were waiting to get in. That would include moi but I didn't know what to say and wisely decided to keep my mouth shut just to prevent myself from embarrassing myself. (I always try to keep my dignity, even when Fabrizio Moretti is hanging out of a window and waving) 'As expected' he took of his shirt during the show, I'm reforming a mental image as we speak, and threw it into the audience. My friend was the lucky bastard who caught it. She was kind enough to donate a thread of it to moi. And when I had to leave early to catch my train, she got him to sign my concertticket. How nice is that?
Anyway I can't wait for the new album to come out. And I hope it will be accompanied by a European tour. My thread and I would love to see him perform again. Oh and do click on the hyperlinks in this post, they're worth it.

2 opmerkingen:

Mila zei

Jaa leuk!! Hij is zeker goed en zijn muziek verveelt idd niet snel. :)

Cool Urbanite. zei

Wauwie, naar hem geluisterd dus :P. Ik zou mn mond ook dicht houden, wie weet wat er allemaal uit zou floepen dan!!

Ik heb heel lang niet meer naar zijn nummer geluisterd, moet ik ook eerlijk bekennen, heb geen nummer van em in mijn mediaplayer meer staan ..tijd om daar es verandering in te brengen dus :P.