vrijdag 21 maart 2008

Je te vois

photograph by +Maco+

Spring has finally started, and in a few hours, weekend will begin as well. Unfortunately I haven't really got a lot of things planned for Easter yet. The only plans I've got so far are eating a lot of chocolate eggs, mucho chinese food, watching some movies, writing a few essays and visiting a huge fleamarket on sunday where I'll hopefully find some new furniture.
But first things first. Tonight Titanic will be on tv, and eventhough I must have seen it at least a hundred times, I'm not even exaggerating, I intend to watch it again. I still remember seeing it for the first time, I must have been 10 at the time, not succeeding to shed a single tear. Nor did the friend I watched it with. We were so disappointed in our emotional incapabilities that we had to go see it again in order to give ourselves another chance to prove the world that we were in fact capable of showing some human emotions. Can't remember if that was a succes, but I do know I actually went to see it a third time. It's so much more acceptable to be foolish at that age. Anyway, nowadays I am very much able to cry during the movie, though it's definitely no second pearl harbour (crying 11 times during one movie is either a sign of some serious emotional problems or a severe case of pms, let's just hope and pray it was because of the latter one).

Back to the weekend. I was thinking of baking a pie. As my mother is coming home again. Eventhough baking might not be the right word, since I was thinking of strawberry cheesecake, which is made in the refridgerator. And maybe I could make some pudding. Or does that make me sound too much like the new Martha Stewart?
Strangely enough the weather has been crazy over the last 24 hours and according to the weather forecast it's not likely to change anytime soon. It's constantly raining or snowing. It's freezing cold and the wind is breaking trees in two. This morning I even heard some thunder. So much for springtime. The worst thing about this horrible weather is the fact that I have a dog which actually enjoys being outside under these circumstances. Especially at 2.30 am.
As you might know, I love all things french, and it's getting worse and worse, including this tshirt from Sass & Bide. Not that S&B is a french brand, at least I think it isn't, but you probably understand what I mean. I was thinking of recreating it myself. It shouldn't be too hard. All I need are my drawing skills, some transferpaper and a shirt. Talking about France, I really want to go there this summer, but the thing is, I haven't yet found someone who's willing to go there with me. Maybe I should bribe some friends. I'm sure that would work.
Last but not least, some tasty favourites:

Happy Easter!

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Mila zei

Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Blogger Awards! Voel je je al vereerd? ;)

Ik ga ook zeker Titanic kijken..haha.

Kijk op mn blog voor de vragen die je kan beantwoorden voor die award!

Fijne dagen!

The Clothes Horse zei

I can't believe you haven't found someone willing to go with you to France. All my friends and myself are dying to go, unfortunately lack of funds and summer jobs are getting in the way...

jackie. zei

the first picture is amazing.

much love!

heartinacage zei

Haha ik heb die film gisteren helaas niet gezien omdat mijn moeder en zusjes dat afschuwelijke Dancing queen wilden zien. Dat shirt is ook zo ontzettend leuk!<3 Ik zou ook heel graag naar Frankrijk willen maar dat ziter niet in.:( Ik hoop echt dat het weer binnenkort een stuk beter wordt. Maarja jij ook vrolijk pasen!

Cool Urbanite. zei

Jij ook een vrolijke Easter!!

Loïs zei

titanic <3

fijn pasen!

aNOUk zei

nice nice nice

ik link je f op myn blog ;)

Francisca zei

Great header. I also liked the old one but it is good to change for a while. It is very feminine and goes well with the essence of your blog.

Anoniem zei

sass & bide is actually australian :) ... such a nice top.