donderdag 8 mei 2008

Cop Stop


Since I'm bored and quite uninspired I am resorting to a 'what did I buy last week/today post'.
This afternoon I headed towards the city with a wallet full of cash, eufemistically speaking ofcourse, and a happy sunny day smile. Bought two new blouses (photographs will be included later on), a scarf and Vogue Paris. As you might know, think I've mentioned it before, I've subscribed to VP only a couple of weeks ago, but apparently they didn't feel the need to send me the current issue. Merde.

Last week I bought some new cd's. One of them is BOTT from my beloved Kings of Leon (which I already own but this one came with a special dvd). The lengths I go to to get my hands on a KOL dvd, it's unbelievable. The other one is Gavin deGraw's newest album. I'm not quite sure what the general concensus is about Gavin these days, but I feel like he's pretty underrated. Whenever I mention liking his music people tend to look at me a little funny. -Am I missing something here? Is there a good reason for this general dislike?- Anyway, his new cd (had been waiting for it to come out FORever) is brilliant! Just insanely good. And totally worth the ridiculous amount of money cd's cost these days.


Though I might be lacking the ability to come up with a decent post (evidence is right above), I do however still recognise a good looking guy when I see one. And when I came across these photographs of Louis Garrel (the only reason that made the dreamers worth watching) I figured, an attractive guy, photographed remarkably nice could just as well serve as daily inspiration as any other pretty editorial. So it looks like I'm not completely uninspired after all. Hurray!

6 opmerkingen:

Heart in a cage zei

Wat een mooie foto's 8) Leuke sjaal ook! Waar is ie van, als ik vragen mag?

Marina zei

So lovely foto №1!!!The place, the landscape and you!!!!Great!

S.C. zei

Such amazing photos! :D

Mila zei

Nicey! Die sjaal heb ik ook, leuk issie en hij past overal bij..

Mooie foto's + moooooie man = goed.

Jennifer zei

Wat een gave foto van jou bovenaan! Echt mooi!

Lula zei

Oh la la pour Louis Garrel !
I love your blog, it's cute :) Added you to my blogroll hehe