vrijdag 16 mei 2008

What's going on?

I usually don't like to post about issues that concern me, but right now there's something that really upsets me. Eventhough I rarely talk about it, I'm a huge animal lover. When I was younger I even felt bad about walking outside, affraid I would crush some innocent ant. So when I received an email from the WSPA this afternoon, informing me about the critical situation of animals in Burma I was rather heartbroken. As you might probably know, Burma has been hit by a tropical storm almost two weeks ago and death tolls (amongst both humans and animals) are still rising. While everybody is worrying about getting the emergency supplies to the people of Burma, the animals are in just as much need of help, yet not receiving any either.
But luckily we can help them. One way of doing so is by donating to the WSPA. They're currently not able to enter the country but they have a vetinary team waiting in Thailand that will cross the border as soon as it gets permission. If they are not able to get into Burma at all, the money will be used to help other animals, so it's really a win win situation. You can read more about this matter at:
wspa international or wspa.nl

ps. by bringing this up I'm not trying to make you feel bad if you don't want to donate money, it's completely up to you. I just figured that it might help make people more aware of the situation if I talked about it.

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Héloïse J. zei

it's good that you talk about your concerns. i cannot say i'm afraid crushing ants. actually i had a fight with some friends of mine some years ago while being on vacation bcz i wanted to kill them all. (esp ants discuss me)... :/ sorry. anw the thing is that i'm highly suspicious with all these 'give me your money so that i can save the planet' organisations. i'm not thinking pink and i believe that corruption has no limits.
in any case thank you for letting us know.


onomatopoeia. zei

I completely understand what you are saying, usually I'm not so eager to give to these organisations either, mainly because of my fear that the money will fall into the hands of corrupt governments. And it will end up being used to purchase guns or whatever. But when it comes to the wspa or ifaw or greenpeace for that matter i'd like to think that the people who do this work would actually be honest and caring. Obviously one will never have that guarantee and that's a shame...

Just so you know, nowadays I despise ants as well haha. Ever since I got stung by one I actually hate them!

Mila zei

Oh hou op, het breekt echt mijn hart als ik nadenk over dierenleed. In landen als Birma zijn dieren, geloof ik, over het algemeen niet veel waard. Maar ze lijden nu in deze situatie natuurlijk extra en dat is verschrikkelijk. Ik doneer regelmatig aan IFAW, om enigszins bij te dragen. Hoop ik.

Nita-Karoliina zei

i linked you in my blog too :)
you have really interesting blog, i like it very much!