maandag 7 juli 2008

the Call

Saturday I went to the cinema. Went to see the Chronicles of Narnia, as I'm a huge sucker for costume movies. Even if they feature talking animals, which was quite the (unpleasant?) surprise. I'm not going to elaborate on the plot though, I just want to point out that Regina Spektor's song that's played at the end of the movie is wonderful! As soon as I came home I youtubed it, and I haven't stopped listening since. If you enjoy Regina's music I would certainly recommend it!
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Janneke zei

Ik was zaterdagavond ook van plan om naar deze film te gaan, maar 't leek me uiteindelijk toch niet helemaal wat. Het liedje is daarentegen geweldig!


Great shoot...I love the coloring and her hair.


Lana zei

Mooie foto's!

Laurel zei

I absolutely adore Regina. She is so beautiful and possesses such a wonderfully unique voice, thank you for the link! I'm going to have myself a listen right now.

I didn't get a chance to see Narnia, what did you think? I hope you're doing well, mon ami! I'm finally home from my little getaway, spent too much money but got some really wonderful deals in SF! :)

Miss you, hope all is well!

Ariella zei

I just listened to that song, and it's really beautiful. I actually "discovered" Regina Spektor because of you, because you've talked about her before. I think her music is absolutely wonderful, with dream like lyrics, that lets your mind wander off...


Thank you, making the mosaic was fun. And I always love your headers, so that was a nice compliment about mine. =)

Young Mind zei

i was singing that song all night long ^-^

La La Land zei

Love your blog it shows the beauty f things.