woensdag 16 juli 2008

Book of the Month - July

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I've been wanting to add something different and new to this blog for quite some time now and this morning I came up with a luminous idea. I feel that something like a monthly book review, not in words but in photographs, would be the perfect addition. Hopefully this will encourage me to invest in some beautiful books (which is one of my mid-year resolutions) and I hope you will enjoy looking at these books as well!
I was thinking that my latest acquisition would be a nice one to start with.

Lina Scheynius - "01"
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More info can be found here: http://www.linascheynius.com/book.html

18 opmerkingen:

boho chic zei

I'm currently searching for a REALLY GOOD book to read, I'll look for that one also!

the tea drinking english rose zei

that's a great idea!
and that does look like a good book... i may have a nose if i find it in my local bookshop.
it has tons of arty, fashion, illustration books.

Heart in a cage zei


Ik moet het boek zelf nog steeds bestellen.:s

Heart in a cage zei

Fantastische nieuwe categorie!:p;)

Arizona is ook fantastisch<3

Le chouchou zei

ik moet hem ook nog steeds kopen. (Ga het doen als ik mijn loon gekregen heb)Het boek is dus wel aan te raden?
Leuke nieuwe categorie trouwens!

Héloïse J. zei

beautiful idea!! it's good for both of us-like you mentioned!

that's a promising start!!

Mila zei

Boek ziet er echt zó mooi uit!

Ik ben benieuwd met welke boeken je nog meer komt! ;)

Laurel zei

Yay! I'm excited to hear you're going on summer vacation, bella - very exciting. I can't wait to hear about where you are planning on going! Go find yourself some beautiful sun and take lovely photos - I always adore your touch to photography.

I also just love this collection of photos, I need to track down more amazing photography books so I can start messing with my cameras a bit more...

Were you able to find some less expensive polaroid film? It's gotten to be so dang pricey. Thank you again for the wonderful congrats, love. I'm still SO phenomenally excited!



Girl these photos are beautiful. Photo books are some of my favourites in the world. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, though words are never overrated. :)

danica zei

This is such a fantastic idea! And what a wonderful book to feature :)

Lana zei

Leuk idee en mooi boek!

Tea zei

Oeh, waar ga je naartoe trippen?

Duermevela zei

It seems to be a beautiful book, inspiring and stylish.

Knight Cat zei

i am such a fan of your blog, its so...dreamy, and it makes me feel good, like the whole aura around it, its so lovely..i just appreciate it so much :)

you have amazing ideas, and i love that you share them :)


SICK. zei

your blog really is beautiful, full of ocular pleasure.
& that book looks great.

stay in touch !

Julia zei

Pretty fashion book. Love the pictures. It really captures the essence of the whole thing.

onomatopoeia. zei

thank you so much everyone!

@lechouchou: ja het is zeker aan te raden ;)

Boulevard de Clichy zei

Ik heb net het boek besteld, weet je toevallig ook wanneer de anderen uitkomen?