woensdag 9 juli 2008


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Browsing through flickr is a great way to to entertain yourself on rainy days. Especially if it leads to terrific discoveries. Like these breathtaking photographs from variationsonthewordsleep.
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ps: thanks for all the comments on my previous post! I'm a bit busy right now but I will respond to them as soon as possible :)

15 opmerkingen:

Belowen zei

Just thought I would post to let you know I am in love with your blog. We have a lot in common style-wise, I think! <33

Bout de lu zei

it's a beautiful beautiful flickr, thanks for this discovery

Heart in a cage zei

Wauw, heel mooi!

allison zei

hey, you! i've been reading your blog FOREVER so it's quite an honor to have you comment on mine!

keep up the good work, it's all so inspiring!


Mila zei

Hele mooie foto's!
Flickr is echt een heerlijke en onuitputtelijke bron van inspiratie....

xAx zei

I Love your blog, just discovered it. The flickr pictures are amazing exactly the stuff i want on my wall, maybe i will try and do a DIY job of my own. I really like the songs you posted too!!


what beautiful photos!
i found your blog a few days ago and had to tell you that you inspired me to start my own blog again. i absolutely love your style.

Laurel zei

Hey bb! How are you, mon ami!? Great photo-find on Flickr. I love browsing through people's art and travel photos.

I am definately giving Barney's a call today - I have to. Those shoes were STUPID to pass up - UGH!

Have a good day, lovely!

Wendy zei

So dreamy and soft!

joanne zei

i loooove flickr. i find it overwhelming sometimes, but coming across something like this is totally worth the endless hours of surfing that site :)

danica zei

What a wonderful collection of photographs you have discovered...They're gorgeous!

S.C. zei

I link you. You have to answer the Proust Questionnaire and then link someone (Go see the questions at my blog, copy-past and answer them).

Amber Rose zei

Wow, those pictures are gorgeous :)

Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous photography, always inspiring :)

Elen zei

Beautiful photos. You very unusual person.:)