zaterdag 19 juli 2008

Shake it, shake it, shake it like a polaroid picture

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Not only did I receive a copy of "for the love of light" today, I also got to pick up my polaroid cassettes at the post office! It's a bit unfortunate that they had to be picked up this afternoon because otherwise I would have been able to take my polaroid camera with me to Amsterdam yesterday. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled with their arrival! I obviously had to try them out and what would be more appropriate than to take a snapshot of the book dedicated to polaroid photographs? Cheesy and brilliant at once, right ;) Unfortunately my scanner is staying with my sister for the summer on hostile territory, so this photograph of a photograph will have to do (until I've found the courage to enter my sisters domain that is) Here it is, not completely finished developing, but you get the idea:

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Amsterdam was once again terrific. The weather was surprisingly nice and my friend and I walked around the city until our legs hurt. We suited ourselves with some delicious food aka french fries, strawberry creamcake and sandwiches. That obviously helped a lot. Unexpectedly I was even able to stick to my aforementioned wardrobe plan as all I bought was this black AA sweater for fall. I also meant to take some decent photographs but the light was blah so the photographs I díd take turned out horribly. C'est tout pour ajourd'hui, have a nice weekend!

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ps. you might have already heard my new blog song, (unless you immediately turned down the volume to stop the 'horrible' sound from entering your ears) it's pretty brilliant right? I never expected Scarlett to have such a nice singing voice!

6 opmerkingen:

Héloïse J. zei

wow! what a great evening! i'm sure you will give us some terrific photos for inspiration!! (:

*i really adore each and every song you pick but scarlet? no! :/ i can't stand her. she's selling everything. stick to acting and being sexy, girl!

Mila zei

Oeeh geweldig! (smiley met overdreven lach...)
Ik word er helemaal enthousiast van. Geweldig dat je dat boek hebt! Wat heb je er nu incl. voor betaald als ik mag vragen? En issie het geld waard?

Welke van je polaroidcamera's heb je gebruikt en met welke film erin?

Hoop vragen, maar je kan het maar beter allemaal weten.

Ben erg benieuwd wat er allemaal voor moois uit je polaroid komt rollen!


onomatopoeia. zei

@héloïse j.: haha yes I hope so too! perhaps you should give scarlett another chance, I had to listen to the song a couple of times before I started liking it ;) just pretend it's someone else who's singing :p

@mila: ja mooi he! ik heb er inclusief verzenden ongeveer 30 euro voor betaald. er stond een lagere aanschafwaarde op de verpakking vermeld dus de douane heeft er niet eens naar gekeken! het boek is het geld zeker waard, ook al heb ik het alleen nog maar vluchtig doorgebladerd 8)

ik heb de foto met mijn polaroid image camera genomen, dat is helaas de minst sexy van het stel, maar hij heeft wel de meeste mogelijkheden! er bestaan aparte image cassettes voor en die heb ik dan ook gebruikt ;) ik kwam er trouwens achter dat de batterij zich niet in de camera maar in de cassette bevindt, altijd handig om te weten lijkt mij :p

lucy zei

that song is scarlet!!! i watched the video with her singing this exact song AND hated it!!!

Yet, not seeing her sing it, i actually LOVE it!!

btw, love your blog :)

laf. i just read your response and YES, just don't picture scarlet singing the song!!! EXACTLY

Lana zei

Wauw mooie polaroid!

daydream lily zei

I got this book too. I love it. so breautiful.