donderdag 10 januari 2008

'cause england swings

It's time for one of those completely random entries that withhold little crucial information and basically consist of a huge pile of nonsense. I just feel like typing a bunch of sentences that are somehow magically connected to one another.
Ever since I returned from Paris I'm full of energy and inspiration and I really can't seem to find an outlet for this sudden explosion of joie de vivre. So this is kind of my last resort. Tomorrow I'm going to get a new haircut. It's probably going to turn out desastrously, as new haircuts always tend to do, and then I will regret being stupid enough to have fallen into the big haircut trap once again. On a totally different note, I can't wait until I'm moving out of the house. If I don't get killed by a gigantic airplane-engine falling into my bedroom, I'll be moving out by september. Destination unknown, but probably the very exotic Belgium. Studying abroad was never this easy. I've already accumulated a bunch of stuff that could come in useful, like cute pink floral teacups. Not that I ever drink tea, or would like to drink tea for that matter, but the print was so charming I just had to have them. My grandmother was kind enough to donate me a set of silver knives and forks, which literally scream "you don't ever want to use us!!!!" but heck it was a nice gesture. Still looking for the perfect couch though. And the perfect bed. Eventhough I'm thinking of only buying a mattress. Taking minimalism to an extreme as one of those overly excited interior designers featured on the Oprah Winfrey show might say. Maybe I should do these random posts more often. But for now I leave you with the kings and one of the best songs in the history of good music:

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Mila zei

Nonsens, maar toch leuk om te lezen. ;)
Ga je echt naar Belgie verhuizen? Zo exotisch is Belgie nou ook weer niet he!
Wat ga je daar dan studeren? Ben benieuwd.

Francisca zei

I love the new header. Pretty amazing.

onomatopoeia. zei

Ja dat is wel het plan ;) Ik ga waarschijnlijk Arabistiek en Islamkunde in Leuven studeren, maar ik twijfel nog, Oosterse talen en culturen in Gent is ook nog een optie, even de open dagen afwachten 8)

@francisca: thank you!

Anoniem zei