zaterdag 23 februari 2008


I just came back from the hospital. My mother suffered a stroke and has been admitted to the hospital this afternoon. I'm pretty much in shock right now. I can't believe this is happening. I'm ridiculously worried and I'm anxious for the phone to ring. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this but I guess I just had to get it off my chest.

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farrasha zei

Wat erg!
Heel erg veel sterkte ermee! Ik heb er geen woorden voor..

Czina zei

i hope your mother will be fine.
i will have her on my mind.
be brave!

Héloïse J. zei

be brave indeed. don't show fear in front of her. be happy when you see her+try to give her hope and make her smile. my dear hope that everything goes super well with your mammy.
*my father had too a decade ago.

problematic zei

thinking of you in these confusing and strange times. from afar
x sarah

Cool Urbanite. zei

Aii, zo onverwacht!
Heel veel sterkte(F)!

Mila zei

Meissie! Wat afschuwelijk voor jullie! Heel erg veel sterkte en ik zal aan jullie denken. Veel liefs en houd je sterk.

Allure zei

I hope she gets well soon.

oedipus zei

Oh, meisje toch. Komt goed! Gewoon rustig blijven!
Veel sterkte ermee. x

Me zei

You have my support. We don't actually know each other, but there is someone on this side (that its not a psycho...damn they all say that) who is here if you need to talk with someone.

Mila zei

Hopelijk gaat het beter (of zelfd 'goed') met je moeder.
En...hopelijk ben je snel terug.

a cat of impossible colour zei

I know I'm so late on this, but I'm so sorry to hear that and I hope everything is better now. You poor thing, what awful news.

Andrea xx

Anoniem zei