maandag 18 februari 2008

Evening Sun

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Seems like blogging won't be anywhere near the top of my to do list in the next few days or so. Tomorrow morning I'll be having my first driving lesson. Pretty exciting if you ask me. Tomorrow night a miracle is about to happen, because it seems like the Babyshambles concert will finally be taking place, after being cancelled three times before. If all goes well I'll be there, dancing like crazy ofcourse. Wednesday will be my first day on the new job. Thursday my second driving lesson. And in between those events I need to find time to study. As you can imagine, all of this combined will be pretty time absorbing which means there won't be much time left for me to blog. I will try to post some photographs of the concert though. And with a little luck I'll be back on Friday. To make the wait more bareable I will put all my mojo in this post.


First of all, back to my ikea wishlist. As you might have read I was planning to go back there to buy the white couch. And I did. I also bought the white bookcase, the one at the left of my collage (weighing 32 kilos, landing on my toes, luckily not breaking them). Since there's no fun in storing your furniture for months, I decided that there would be no harm in already taking some of it in use. Or all of it. So I located my fathers toolbox and started DIY-ing. I discovered I'm a very gifted DIY-er. Miraculously, I excel in constructing IKEA furniture. Seems like I've finally discovered my talent.


On a completely different and slightly musical note, saturday I bought a ticket for the Kooks' concert in Amsterdam on the 14th of april. Saw them play once before, at Pinkpop last may, and they were awesome. The whole audience went crazy. This concert is part of the promotour for their new album "Konk", which will be released on that very 14th of april. If it's anything like their first one ít should be very entertaining.

Another great band, or should I say singer, is Beirut. I'm addicted to the song Nantes, a perfect mix between Yann Tiersen and indie rock. It reminds me of the many great summers I've spend in the south of France. Check out the video above.

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Yesterday I discovered Alison Sudol better known as A Fine Frenzy. I love her music, it's very dreamy and her voice is absolutely beautiful. Check out her myspace for more of her wonderful music:

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And this is were this post comes to and end.

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Cool Urbanite. zei

Leuke en gezellige kamer! En ga even die nieuwe muziektalentjes checken. Alvast veel plezier bij het concert en veel succes met je rijlessen én je nieuwe job!

Héloïse J. zei

oh i luv this bookcase-if i was in need of one that would be my first choice from ikea catalogue! +beirut is so talented , wish he does some concerts here in Greece.

fay__ zei

Hey, it's me again.
You KNOW Beirtur? I officially love you now.
Seriously, you must email me! :)