donderdag 19 juni 2008

In the navy

Ever since the beginning of last autumn I've been looking for thé perfect navy blazer and a white/navy striped sweater. Today, after months of fruitless searching, I finally found them at Mango. Sale had started, so I was even lucky enough to get them for half the original price *does the crazy happy dance*
They're both from the Penelope and Monica Cruz collection, a collaboration I was never too excited about, but unlike what one might expect, the pieces they came up with are surprisingly well made. Eventhough they certainly weren't worth the original price, they're well worth the money I ended up spending on them!

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Mila zei

Ik zat vandaag nog te twijfelen over die top.
Looks good on you, babe! ;)

Le chouchou zei

Erg leuk Mandy!
Vooral die trui. Wat was de prijs ervan :o?

onomatopoeia. zei

@mila: dankje! niet over twijfelen hoor, gewoon halen ;)

@le chouchou: merci! hij kostte nog 20 euro. leuk trouwens dat je nu ook een blog hebt!

Mettch zei

i love the striped blouse.. will definitely be keeping my eyes open for this one when i go shopping tomorrow!

Boulevard de Clichy zei

Die trui is super! Ik ga morgen ook maar even langs. zei

I love your blog so pretty! Want to exchange links?

Ariella zei

The navy blazer is great!

Allure zei

The blazer looks so good on you! I'm looking for a tuxedo blazer so madly.

Laurel zei

Lovely, lovely, lovely! You look absolutely wonderful - that striped shirt is definately perfect!
(Thank you for the wonderful comment, by the way...)



love the striped top, have one similar but in the contrasting colors, navy with thin white strips, long enough to be a t-dress, maybe I should try that?? oooh thanks for the subliminal inspiration, love. xx

Héloïse J. zei

wow great buys dear! i went today to mango and i checked cruz's collection (haven't found these pieces)- i totally agree with you!
*i'm in need of a blazer but not even one of the ones i've tried suited me. i luv this blazer on you!
*you should post more frequently outfits of yours. i really luv them. simple yet extra stylish witouth sweating for the result. congrats :D

Jesse!!! zei

your blazer looks great on you! it fits (is that the right word?) in all the right places! well i'm sure you get what i mean :) you look lovely

Lana zei


thesearchforchic zei

I love the stripey sweater the fit is so perfect on you!

Nita-Karoliina zei

i looove that outfit! cool!
visit my blog. i want u to make me a question! theres this post for this!

Jillian zei

great purchases a blazer is classic nice addition to ur wardrobe! and i love that stripped top!

Pippa zei

Are those jeans from River Island? If so then I have the same pair! Pink detail, right?
Can't believe you listed me on 'sites you enjoy' - I feel so honoured! I thought I only had two readers! Leave a comment next time you stop by x


thanks for that comment, doll xoxo
i will check out tfs now to see what you said ♥

Knight Cat zei

i love the striped shirt! and the blazer, i have a longer one that i found at a thrift shop, but i want a fitted one like yours!


MadameDior zei

I love all of the outfits, the navy blazer in particular is beautiful

MONI zei

everything is great!!

Anika zei

Pretty buys! I have a striped top similar to yours from H&M that I wear to death. It's such a versatile and chic item.

onomatopoeia. zei

thank you so much everyone!!

@héloïse: thank you! I'd love to post outfits more often but the quality of my photographs is not exactly blogworthy at the moment :p but if everything goes according to plan I'll be getting a new camera very soon!

@pippa: I will! I really love your blog!
the jeans are actually from a brand called 10 feet ;)

fritha louise zei

Wow, I'm so jealous! Those are both amazing pieces. P.s. Love your blog, so inspiring!

Wendy zei

Extremely adorable striped top and blazer!

Pocahondas zei

The blazer is perfect!

Bananas Diary zei

Ontzettend leuk!:)
Jij hebt stijl;)

ashleigh zei

ohh i have been looking for this sweater, or one like it for so long too!

Alice zei

ok, again, perfection !!! sailor tops are the best !!!!!