zaterdag 21 juni 2008



Today is a happy day. Not just because it's the first day of summer but also because I was finally able to fit into my favourite pair of jeans again. Which is quite an achievement for someone who prefers pizza over apples.
Along with the new season came better weather. After days of rain and cold the sun has returned, and with it came a temperature of 23C. To celebrate the return of summer we're going to have a barbecue this afternoon. I was actually contemplating on bringing out the inflatable swimming pool as well but I seemed to be the only one who liked that idea.

On a completely different note, yesterdaynight I was watching the history channel, my latest addiction, and there was this really interesting documentary on about the maya's and the end of the world in 2012. I had heard of this theory before but it once again made me think about what I would do with my life if there were only 4,5 years left. It pretty much forces you to see things in a different perspective.
So suppose you knew for sure that you had only 5 years left, how would you spend that time? Would you travel/work/do nothing/try to become an astronaut? Would you change your behaviour towards other people? Would you even care? I'm really curious!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Nita-Karoliina zei

i love historical documents. actually every documents. when i was a teenager i wanted to be a document maker!
have a nice weekend too <3

Ariella zei

I have no idea what I would do if I found out I only had five years left to live. First I'm sure I would be in shock, and be sad and angry and probably waste some of that time just crying and feeling sorry for myself. But then, after I'd realised that it couldn't be changed, I think I would try living my life to the fullest- travelling, and try to make every day a happy day. Maybe I'd also like to experience getting married, or having children, but I'm not sure about that. It might be difficult deciding what your priorities are in a situation like that.

Héloïse J. zei

oh gosh! i have no idea. i'm from the people who are unable of facing any form of 'end' in life. i would just wish not to know!

getting-freaky zei

I like the way how you write
is it okay, if i tagged you?

Laurel zei

Lovely, thank you for your insightful comments. I guess ignorance is truly bliss for the people who don't think twice, then the affected party is left to deal with the repercussions. I'm really pleased to know someone like you - via blog - but I know for sure you are beautiful, loving and kind-hearted, and so supportive of your friends.

I hope you have a wonderful time, enjoy the weather, pretty!

Heart in a cage zei

Wat leuk dat je nu ook digitale tv hebt! Ik <3 History channel. Het was inderdaad mooi weer vandaag! Hmm ik had ook wel zin in barbecue. Maar patat blijft ook lekker.8) Ik eet ook véél liever iets ongezonds dan gezonds. Ook al neem ik mij elke keer voor om iets gezonds te nemen in plaats van een ongezonde snack, maar vrijwel elke keer ga ik voor chocola in palats van een appel.:p Ik weet eigenlijk niet wat ik zou doen als ik nog 5 jaar te leven had. Nu geloof ik die theorie ook niet(ik heb de documentaire helaas nog niet gezien) maar alsnog weet ik niet wat ik zou doen. Misschien meer uit mijn dagen halen? Wat ik sowieso zou moeten doen ongeacht 5 jaar langer leven of niet. Ik weet het niet..

Knight Cat zei

i have no idea what i would do! i think i would be more understanding of my family, and start a charity or something. and so lucky you fit your jeans! haha i have gained like five pounds since summer vacation, i shall run them off soon!


ps i think your blog is one of my favorites

Mila zei

Ja, het zou een mooie dag moeten zijn. Het is zomer en ik ben vandaag 24 geworden. Helaas doet het leven soms een beetje pijn en is het moment er niet voor om blij te zijn, hoe graag ik dat ook anders zou zien. (It's my party and i cry if i want to, cry if i want to...!!!)

Als het idd zo zou zijn dat we nog maar 4,5 jaar hadden, zou ik proberen eerst vrede en rust in mijzelf te vinden, zodat ik de mooiste en interessantste plekken van de wereld zou kunnen bezoeken.
Ook zou ik dolgraag naar Afrika gaan en daar iets leuks/moois opstarten in bv. Darfur om de kinderen daar nog te laten lachen en plezier te laten maken. Ik denk dat ik dan wel vrede zou hebben met het plotselinge einde van alles. ;)

Fijne dag en barbecue sweety!

Heart in a cage zei

Ik heb je getagged!

Nicole zei

I've seen that documentary, too. I think it's weird because my grandma has said that she doesn't want to live past age 90, which will be in the year 2012.

Anoniem zei