zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Jeux d'Enfants

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This afternoon I watched Jeux d'Enfants and was blown away by how fantastic this movie is. The story, the scenery, the acting, everything's perfect!

If you want to see for yourself, you can watch it here:

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camille zei

i'm sure that the guy who created the film is, or he has met the guy who created pushing daisies TV series, because it looks so much like it.
it looks LOVELY!

Laurel zei

This looks absolutely stunning. I'm watching it right now, thank you for the link! xoxoox

Laurel zei

OH MY GOD - That movie was so phenomenal.

You = awesome. Thank you!

Mila zei

Bedankt voor de tip!
Ik was wel weer eens toe aan een vers filmpje...;)

Héloïse J. zei

this film was released after Amelie and when i first went to see it i thought it would be a bad copy cat.. but it was so strong. some scenes are to burst into tears. +i luv both of the 2 protagonists (and i think they're a couple in life now). cute cute movie <3

Jesse!!! zei

that was so lovely to watch :D

joanne zei

jeux d'enfants is such a sweet film. such a different and fresh take on the conventional love story!

lovely blog by the way :)

Bethany zei

Just discovered you from tFS. What a pretty blog :). I looked through your posts, and what perfect pictures you posted. This page is art. I will come come back :)

Heart in a cage zei

Dat lijkt me een leuke film! Ik ga hem binnenkort lenen bij de videotheek.;)

Wendy zei

Sounds magnificent, going to watch it with my mom.


Thanks for your comment, dear.
Jeux d'Enfants sounds fun, I want to see it.

Jillian zei

that girls top the purple one is sooo pretty i want it!

i'll have to watch that commercial!

p.s. i would LOVE to exchange links i really like ur blog!

Fashion Is Poison zei

ah love this

Fashion Is Poison zei

ah love this

a. zei

oh, ive been searching for a new film to watch & this one sounds absolutely perfect.

thanks so much for the link, its always great when i can just curl up on my bed with my macbook & watch a film online...

im linking you - i adore your blog.


Bout de lu zei

Guillaume Cannet is just beautiful!too young in this film but...!Marin Cotillard is gorgeous too!

Laurel zei

Hey hot sauce, thank you for the lovely comment. I hope all is well! xo

Le chouchou zei

ik heb hem gekeken, fantastische film!!

onomatopoeia. zei

thanks for the comments everyone!

camille: I've never heard of pushing daisies, but if it looks like this movie I certainly want to find out more about it!

@laurel: you're welcome ;)

@mila: graag gedaan!

@héloïse j.: I read the Amelie reference too, but I wasn't bothered by the resemblance (as far as you can speak of any) at all!

@joanne: thanks!

@bethany: thank you!

@heart in a cage: goed plan 8) hoewel hij volgens mij lastig te vinden is. ik wilde de dvd namelijk kopen, maar hij is nergens te vinden, zelfs niet op internet :S

@fashion chalet: no problem ;)

@jillian: haha yes I like that top too.

@a.: you're welcome! I like your blog as well, will add you to my links asap!

@bout du lu: I agree 8)

AVA zei

Nog nooit van gehoord maar klinkt echt gaaf!

Ik ga hem snel kijken,
als ik de verleiding van het zonnetje kan weerstaan ;)

Simone zei

wat een geweldige film .. dankjewel! xx

J e s s i c a zei

I love that movie so much !
by the way, would you like to trade links ?


ed zei