zondag 22 juni 2008

Let's boogie..

I got tagged by the très lovely Jillian from nova.style and the magnificent heart-in-a-cage!

The Rules: "List 7 songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, wether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions with your 7 songs, then tag 7 people to see what they're listening to.

Manhattan/Cold Desert/whatever it's called - Kings of Leon
I can't stop listening to KOL's newest song. It's both addictive and brilliant. And now I really can't wait for their new album to come out. Why oh why is september still three months away?

Hey Hey Hey - Room Eleven
Because it makes me happy.

Summer in the City - Regina Spektor
Eventhough the title gives you the illusion that this song is about sunny days and lazy afternoons in the park, this song is in fact the perfect example of how beautiful sadness can be.

la Noyee - Yann Tiersen
Amelie, Paris, Yann, summertime, all combined in one melody. Sheer brilliance, that's what this song and it's composer are.

Love her Madly - the Doors
I have never been a big fan of the Doors until I rediscovered their music a couple of months ago. I think watching the most fascinating documentary about the life and death of Jim Morisson must have triggered it. Anyway, Love her Madly brings a smile to my face and makes me want to dance like a crazy girl.

In Transit - Albert Hammond jr
THE ultimate summer song. Albert's voice might not yet be as good here as it is right now, but I think that's actually part of the song's charm.

Knocked up - Kings of Leon
the second KOL song on my list. It could have easily been a list with nothing but KOL songs, as I'm addicted to their music, but that would have been pretty boring. Knocked up was one of those songs I never really appreciated until I heard a live version of it. And now I can't stop listening to it. Seven minutes might seem long, but I wish this song would go on forever....

The people I tage are:
A.V.A, Allure, Héloïse j., Ariella, Nita-Karoliina, <3 fashion chalet and little parisienne
It's up to you now!

12 opmerkingen:

Mila zei

hihi, nice songs! :)
Maar belangrijk: wat een fantastische header!! <3

joanne zei

yes to KOL! yes to regina spektor! yes to albert hammond jr. and a biiig yes to yann tiersen!

i think it is indeed time to boogie, haha :P

Héloïse J. zei

oh thank you cherie!

i luv your new header!!! :D

Allure zei

Thank you! Best tag ever


Clemence as your new header?
How gorgeous is that?
Just like you & your style!! ♥ I LOVE IT!!


Good choices im going to have to look up Room Eleven...i love happy songs!:) haha

Do you like MGMT? seems like you would...


Ariella zei

Oh, thank you for the tag! It should be fun answering it :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere zei

i chose a kings of leon song too! great stuff to dance to :)

Laurel zei

You would absolutely love Cazals, if you haven't heard them before - they are really fun.


Heart in a cage zei

Hé, wat gek zeg. Op de laptop (waar ik nu achter zit) kan ik wel jouw nieuwe posts zien, maar op de gewone computer niet.:s Daar zie ik nog steeds het bericht van zaterdag. Maarja, ik zie jouw posts nu wel, geweldige liedjes!

Oh ja, hele mooie header trouwens!

Jillian zei

thx sooo much for actaully posting! i love seeing what everyone is listening to!

i love new music thx for the ideas!!

Anoniem zei