woensdag 25 juni 2008


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I'm feeling a bit weird these days (hence this pointless entry). If I were to take horoscopes seriously I could blame it all on the alignment of the stars this week. But I won't. After all, when a couple of weeks ago the stars were saying my lovelife would finally become a bit more interesting again, nothing happened either ;)

Despite feeling weird, I am also quite excited about the upcoming weekend. Saturday I'll be going to Amsterdam, haven't been there since December (can hardly believe it's been that long) so that should be interesting!

I was thinking perhaps I should do one of those 'ask-me-whatever-you-want-posts' as well. It could be fun. If anyone actually has a question that is. So if you feel like it, just ask away!

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Lana zei

Oeh Amsterdam, alvast veel plezier!
Dan heb ik gelijk je eerste vraag: Wat wil je later worden? :P

Jillian zei

god those are hot!
why is kate moss still so stunning?!

i'm super jealous i hope u have a lovely time in amsterdam! i've never been anywhere cool... i guess canada is kind of cool? lol

oh well have a wonderful time my dear!!! and tell us all about ur travels!!! xoxo be safe!


Have fun in Amsterdam!
Lovely, Lovely Miss KATE! =)

ooohmaureen zei

leuk leuk leuk! x

Jessie Cacciola zei

gorgeous images!

Beka zei

I love Kate Moss! I hope things work themselves out for youuu!

Caroline zei

that second photo is absolutely amazing.

Le chouchou zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Heart in a cage zei

Ik geloof ook niet zo in die horoscopen.

Oke, enkele (onnozele) vragen:

-Wat ben je van plan om te gaan studeren? En wat wil je na het studeren doen? Of daarvoor?

-Wat is jouw favoriete eten en drinken?

-Wat is op dit moment jouw favoriete kledingstuk?

-Wat is jouw favoriete collectie (op dit moment? Seizoen maakt niet uit.

-Favoriete tvprogamma's?

-Wat zijn jouw hobby's?

-Heb je geheime interesses/fascinaties?

Uhm... ik denk dat ik nu wel uitgevraagd ben:o 8).

joanne zei

ooh, amsterdam! that is one of my top priorities for places to visit in the future. have fun and take care :)

Ariella zei

Have a lot of fun in Amsterdam!

I don't know if you've ever mentioned it, but at least I can't remember, but I was wondering what you do these days. You wrote some time ago that you wanted to start university in the autumn. But what do you do now, work, study?

Also (no need for an answer if it's too personal), I was wondering what you are like in reality. Are you outgoing, shy or something in the middle? Are you very social or like your own company?

Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere zei

while i love your openness, i think i might need a bit more of a narrowed forum in which to ask questions...but i would love to see pictures from amsterdam!!!

Héloïse J. zei

oh how i luv this kate's photos..


what do you study (if you do so)?

which is favourite movie?

how would you feel without your blog?/what would you do instead of blogging?

which is your most expensive fashion related buy?

:) have great fun in amsterdam dear.

*i really luv your blog. it has something..

Laurel zei

Bella! How are you, love? Take me to Amsterdam, please! I need a vacation.

You must read Jack Kerouac, On The Road is a great book - gives a wonderful introduction to the counterculture and all the literature out there about it. Who else do you love to read/want to read? You really have such wonderful taste in literature..

I hope you are doing well, have a great week! Speak soon, babe!

Mila zei

Bedankt voor je lieve berichtje!
Haha, ik heb idd weer ingezien wat een fijne afleiding het bloggen is. Ik zit echt in zo'n punt in mijn leven dat ik het allemaal niet weet. Welke kant het op gaat/ik het op moet laten gaan etc.
Denk dat je het wel kent?
Soms lijkt alles zo verdomde doelloos. Maar dat klinkt best als een depressieve puber. ;)

Mijn vraag: hoe ziet je gezicht eruit? Haha, stom he....ik ben benieuwd naar je gezicht, nu ik zoveel foto's van je prachtige outfits heb gezien!

Nog maar een vraag erachteraan: Hoe kom je aan de stijl die je nu hebt? Was je van kinds af aan al met mode etc. bezig of is het er langzaam ingeslopen? En heb je het gevoel voor mode en stijl een beetje van je ouders of geven die er niks om?

Ben benieuwd naar je antwoorden op de vragen voor iedereen, wel in een filmpje antwoorden he? (Just like Lauren...)

Ik vind het trouwens echt leuk voor je dat je blog zo 'goed loopt', je verdient het!


J e s s i c a zei

i love your blog. And those pictures are great, kate moss is so beautiful.
Have fun on your trip

R.M. zei

Those two photos are amazing! Have fun in Amsterdam, it is one of my favorite cities!

Wendy zei

I love Kate Moss.

LoulouWHO? zei

iemand van Ellegirl? :D

Anoniem zei