woensdag 11 juni 2008

A walk on the wild side


Today I ordered this plaid dress from Forever 21. Although it's not as brilliant as the one I was opting for first, which was this wonderful plaid dress from Isabel Marant, I think it does come rather close. The buttons seem a bit out of place though but I suppose replacing them with some non blue ones shouldn't be too difficult.

Despite my current enthousiasm, I wasn't really sure about the dress at first. You see, for these last few months I've been kind of stuck in this 'let's buy nothing but basics in neutral colours'-phase and this was, obviously, keeping me from buying anything with a print. I wasn't pleased with this, but I didn't really know what to do about it. Recently I've come to realise though that the only way of getting out of it is by buying something a bit more exciting. Or as Oprah would say, get out of my comfort zone. (yes I have been watching her show a lot lately) It's still miles away from a vibrant poison green pair of skinny jeans, and thank god it is because those should be banned, but I think it looks very nice and summery!
And hopefully it will encourage me to think outside of the basic dressing box.

16 opmerkingen:


ooooh great dress xx
plaid is so cute now

Ariella zei

I really like that dress- great find!

Fashion Ivy zei

like ur dress

Laurel zei

Pretty bb! If you get a chance, I tagged you! I just love that cut with plaid, so lovely. xo

MR style zei

i love that brand name and ideas !!

Lana zei

Toepasselijke titel :P, hihi. De jurk lijkt veel op die van Isabel Marant. Veel plezier ervan!

p.s.: Shipped Forever 21 ook naar Nederland?

onomatopoeia. zei

thanks everyone!

@lana: ja dat doen ze, maar de verzendkosten zijn wel 35 dollar. Ik heb zelf met een besteltopic van het egforum meegedaan, dat scheelde ;)

Bobble Bee zei

i think this dress still fits in your mood for "basics". It's a summer essential!, i love the pattern, it's not pretentious and gives a twist to the non patterned items. And it looks so comfy! :)

Knight Cat zei

so cute, i just got done ordering sooo many things from f21. its addictive

Wendy zei

Very cute dress! Can't wait to hear about how you like it when it arrives.

Heart in a cage zei

Wat een leuk jurkje!

Jillian zei

I am slowly falling in love with your blog.... *sigh*

p.s. saw you on tfs looking fabulous!

Danz zei

What a cute dress!!

onomatopoeia. zei

thanks everyone!

Nita-Karoliina zei

i love this!! great! i love checked things

Anoniem zei

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