zondag 20 juli 2008

Amy Earles and more

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This afternoon I rediscovered an old favourite of mine, Amy Earles. I remember coming across her work last summer and being in complete awe of her creativity. Unfortunately and for reasons I do not remember, I forgot all about her work and it took me almost a year to return to that point of awe. Unsurprisingly I'm still extremely charmed by her beautiful paper dolls and pretty, slightly dark, drawings!

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More of her work and her online shop can be found at:
etsy & pushed under

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On a totally different note, today I completed some more pages from Wreck this journal. One of them being the "climb up high and drop this journal" page. Together with my six year old niece I climbed up the narrow stairs to my grandparents attic. There we opened the window and threw out the journal. She was incredibly excited about the whole ordeal! If anyone's interested I can take some photographs of the newly completed pages and post them later this week?

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I also purchased some cute things this weekend from Caitlin Shearer's etsy shop. (I wrote a post about her work a while ago) I had such a hard time choosing from her beautiful artworks! So I'm pretty sure a second order will follow soon ;)

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ps. I'm currently experiencing some problems with my photobucket bandwidth. I've fixed the photographs on the first page but unfortunately the pictures on the other pages (that are down right now) won't be visible until the 5th of august. Apologies for the inconvenience!

15 opmerkingen:

Mila zei

Wat leuk allemaal!!! :)

Ja, zeker posten die dingen uit Wreck this Journal (?)! Ik vind het erg leuk om te zien.

Zo, en nu ga ik eens kijken waarvoor je me nu weer getagged hebt... ;)


siagrafica zei

dank voor de reminder (Caitlin Shearer), ik heb zojuist de baguette and beret brooch gekocht... en het zal vast niet bij deze aankoop blijven!


Wendy zei

I read about her paper dolls. They are so beautiful!

Laurel zei

I love, love, love, love Caitlin Shearer's work. She has such an amazing pen style, I would love to buy one of those pins - but I have no idea what I would piece it with.

Can you believe that!? Those Pola cartridges are crazy, but it is another beautiful, but dying art form. Every time I buy the film, I just think that it will motivate the company to keep producing it. Have I ever told you how much I love your blog? Goodness, you have such wonderful taste in art/literature/style/etc. :)

danica zei

Oh wow! I am extremely taken with Amy Earles' work. So quirky and beautiful :)

Tea zei

No hard time spoiling yourself, aye? Nog naar de AIFW geweest in A´dam? Xx

Héloïse J. zei

oh i luv the pics you bought. so beautiful so dreamy..
+i must confess that the songs you choose have something. i haven't found it yet. but each time i get addicted -well done bcz i'm rather difficult (:

and yes you should show us you wrecked (now)journal!

Boho chic zei

Uuh I like it:)

the tea drinking english rose zei

aw, sounds so cute. and i would love to see photographs. :)!

those paper dolss are sweet. i used to make paper dolls when i was younger. bit rubbish. i want one indeed.

i also love those photographs in your last image. did you take them? they are lovely.

discothequechic zei

absolutely gorgeous.

especially the photographs in the last pictures.

this has inspired me to get arty!

joanne zei

ooh, fantastic buys indeed! :)

Bout de lu zei

strange but beautiful univers!
I wait your post about Caitlin Shearer!
music and video are very nice, who is the artist?

Ariella zei

That's really pretty. I really like her paperdolls. And btw, I would like to see some more of the pages you've completed from wreck this journal :)

onomatopoeia. zei

thanks for your comments everyone!

@siagrafica: die broche is leuk! ze heeft inderdaad ongelofelijk veel mooie spulletjes, ik ga ook zeker nog wat kopen ;)

@wendy: yes they are, I would love to have one ♥

@laurel: thank you so much! I really hope they will decide to continue producing film, perhaps this site www.savepolaroid.com will convince them ;)

@tea: nein, de aifw is niet echt mijn ding ben ik bang 8)

@héloïse j.: aww thanks!

@the tea drinking english rose: you used to make paperdolls? that's so cool! I didn't actually take the photographs, but I did order them ;)

@bout de lu: the song is called I sing, I swim and it's from Seabear!

sue zei