dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Wreck this journal Pt. 3


As requested, here are some more pages from "wreck this journal". I've decided that I'm going to drop it from a high place again (hopefully this time from somewhere a bit higher than my grandparents attic), and this time I'll be filming it!

dinnerfour-letter wordsstamps

bigger versions and other pages can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carbon_monoxide/

And some really good news for fellow Keri Smith fans. She will be releasing a new book in November called "How to be an explorer of the world - portable art life museum". So far it looks very promising!

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Ah I absolutely love what you've done with the journal. The only way I can put it is that it is an artistic beautiful wreck!

Mettch zei

I'm a huge fan as well. The stamps you got are so pretty compared to what I usually see. Lovely birdy backdrop as well.

Knight Cat zei

i love that you share a strong interest in art, i too am in love with these kinds of things.

thanks to you i ordered two of these journals! one for my older brother ( who honestly has no artistic qualities, i guess that because hes in law school) and one for myself! i cant wait to get them too!


Mila zei

Hihi, zó leuk weer!
Ziet er zeer kunstig en vermakelijk uit! ;)

Sorry dat ik zo plotseling weg moest laatst. Ik hoop je snel weer te spreken!

Hope you feel well!

Baffled but trying... zei

Loving the journal - especially the dropping it and the page of 4-letter words. In general, your blog cheers me up and makes me smile - Thanks!

M zei

Heyy!! Ik ben ook druk bezig met mijn diary, ziet er goed uit!! vind het zo ongelofelijk leuk om te doen (heb de eerste drie pagina's op mn blog staan maar ben ondertussen alweer verder..)


Betsey zei

ahh i love wreck this journal. its so fun!
and im totally excited about her new book..i hadn't heard about it til now- thanks!
i love your blog btw!

little parisienne zei

great! such a gorgeous idea!!

misscipher zei

What a great idea! It looks like fun working on this very interesting project.

Anoniem zei

Mooi gemaakt! Ik hoop wil ook zo een site te maken.
Waarmee heb je dit gemaakt?
Ik heb soir-de-fete.blogspot.com gevonden via startpagina

Debby uit Haarlem