zondag 13 juli 2008

Ana Laura Perez

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A couple of days ago I came across the beautiful work of the Argentinian Ana Laura Perez, who's not only a fashion design student but also works as a designer (for her own brand BANG!) and as a freelance illustrator.
While browsing through her work I was most impressed by these absolutely wonderful drawings she has created. Eventhough they are lovely and dreamy, that dreamyness is not covering up a lack of aesthetic depth (an 'offense' other illustrators so often commit). On the contrary, if you take a closer look and look past the first impression of serenity you will see how interesting they really are. Which is very refreshing!

More of her work can be found here:

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12 opmerkingen:

R.M. zei

Her work is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

coco zei

i love it!great find!

Ediot zei

such amazing artwork.lovely.thanks for posting

Mettch zei

very good find! adorable illustrations..

Mila zei

Wow, echt heel erg mooi.
Ik ben vooral onder de indruk van haar kleurgebruik....

Ik vond het trouwens tijd je weer eens flink te taggen. ;)

Lana zei

Wauw super mooi, vooral de eerste en de derde illustratie!

Ariella zei

It's so interesting to see how the drawings evolve from one thing into another. Very nice!
Oh, and thank you for offering to invite me to TFS, but I already had someone inviting me. Just happy to be 'inside' now, haha.


First of all thank you so much for the lovely comment. And I must say that I absolutely love these illustrations. They have a dreamy, ethereal and an unreal quality to them that is just precious. Have you checked out Yoko Ikeno? I think you might enjoy her work as well. xxx

Richel zei

I love LOVE LOVE THIS. EVERYTHING. She's extremely talented.

Héloïse J. zei

beautiful artwork!

Anoniem zei

I love prints around the girls and the hybridization animal/ woman, these illustrations are very calming

Cellar Door zei

Wow, stunning.