maandag 14 juli 2008

I like you

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The wonderful 'Mila' from Loveology tagged me and now I have to name 6 things I currently like and tag some other people to do the same.

Well, here they are:
1. Baking cupcakes. Even without baking skills it can be done, and they taste like heaven!

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2. Art books. Illustrations, photography, paper art, Impressionism, fashion, my wishlist goes on and on.

3. Watching Travel Channel. I've been a Globe Trekker addict for years and years and it's a nice surrogate for summer holiday as I won't be traveling anywhere myself. At least not any time soon.

4. Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger dance routine. It's genius and silly at the same time and I would love to learn it myself.

5. Rummaging around my room. Cleaning out my closet, sorting through my bookcase, create some order in my deskdrawers, rearrange the furniture, it's all good.

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6. Short suede ankle boots. I'm in love with these APC ones but am equally enamoured by the original ones from Isabel Marant. If only I could find a similar pair for this winter!

I tag: Heloïse j. , Laurel, Jillian, Joie de Vivre and Joanne!

11 opmerkingen:

Héloïse J. zei

haha!!! i reacted a little vite! bon! i just saw your new post .thank you!!!! going bad to read and do mine as well.

bisous cherie

joanne zei

ahh cool i'm so excited to do this! thanks for tagging me :) i'll get around to it as soon as i can!

Mila zei

Die laarsjes zijn idd echt mooi, ik vind ze eigenlijk vooral heel lief. ;)
Volgens mij droeg ik geregeld zulke laarsjes toen ik klein (en onschuldig was).

Volgens mij heb ik net iets gepost op mijn blog wat jij wel leuk vindt, als je het niet al kende...

Fijne nacht..

Laurel zei

Beautiful girl, thank you for the tag. I promise to do it soon, yours looks absolutely adorable. Can we make cupcakes, puhlease!? Yum. That DP video is absolutely phenomenal, isn't it? I need to learn those moves...hahaha.

Speak soon, bella!

Héloïse J. zei

came back to see that video! haha it's extra silly luv it :D

Tea zei

Ooh leukheid, je cupcakes zien er echt prachtig uit!

Farren zei

i love that video! =) i thought it was amusing when they showed up in weezer's pork and beans video.

Lula zei

Oh yes those A.P.C booties are AWESOME. But I saw the Isabel Marant ones in a shop and the heels are really higher... they're fabulous anyway. I think I'll purchase one of those for winter :)

Jillian zei

ooooh! i need to do this when i get home

mette/ungt blod zei

beautiful blog you keep here! looking forward to reading more! what sort of frosting do you use on your cupcakes?

xAx zei

That video was brilliant, christ knows how they remembered what they were doing, i would be spelling a load of random words in no particular sequence to the song!!