dinsdag 15 juli 2008

Say Cheese!

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Today has been a particularly lovely day so far. Sun's shining, I've practised my Daft Punk dance moves wearing the most fashionable outfit ever (I was wearing a striped bikinitop over a black bra combined with a black waistskirt. Seriously, if this look isn't going to be huge next summer I don't know what will) and this morning I went to a nearby thriftstore to kill some time. I wasn't expecting to come across anything worth the while, but then I spotted this great blue polaroid camera for only 2 euro's. I ended up purchasing the pretty thing because there's always a slim chance it will work (providing I ever get to try it out) and if not, it still looks cute, in a "this camera actually reminds me of Pinnochio's blue whale" kind of way. Talking about polaroid camera's, I finally took the bold step of buying some cassettes for my polaroid image system (not pictured above). If everything goes well they should arrive next week. I can't wait to have some fun with them!

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Aah I have been meaning to get a polaroid for so long. I absolutely love polaroid pictures. I hope you have fun with these.. you are literally inspiring me to do everything I've been meaning to do. :)

Lana zei

Wauw voor 2 euro, dat is niks :D! Hopelijk zien we hier mooie polaroids volgende week!

Anoniem zei

I love-love-love polaroid photos. I would really like to buy a polaroid camera, do you have any idea where I can get them? Hope you don't find me nagging, I do not want to be cheeky.

Stars In Your Eyes zei

Ik hoop dat je begrijpt dat ik je haat, na het zien van deze foto. MVG.

Mila zei

Ooooh wat een toeval zeg!! Haha!
Ik zou vandaag een camera (precies dezelfde, 600 toch?) op gaan halen in Zoetermeer, maar helaas door fikse ruzie met de man kon dat niet doorgaan.
Maar omdat ik nog steeds een cadeau voor mijn verjaardag krijg van mijn vader had ik bedacht dat ik een goede polaroid camera wilde hebben (met een gezonde hoeveelheid films om een voorraadje aan te leggen).
En dan het liefst een 600, omdat daar nog volop film voor te krijgen is..

Ik hoop hem morgen op te gaan halen.

Ik ben echt onwijs benieuwd naar de foto's die je ermee gaat maken!



Ariella zei

It looks lovely - fingers crossed that it'll work! I heard though that film for polaroid cameras isn't available anymore. Do you know if that's true? I want a polaroid camera too, but it's kind of put me off it if no film can be found (or if it's very hard to come by...).

makemoremistakes zei

I love polaroid cameras and polaroid pictures. They are just so lovely.


the tea drinking english rose zei

i really want a polaroid camera.. so much.
2 euros!?!?! shocking. extremely shocking. if it works, that's absolutely amazing!

i've tagged you.... so.... you're it!!
because your blog is adorable, i visit everyday.

onomatopoeia. zei

@joie de vivre: thank you!

@lana: met een beetje geluk moet dat goedkomen ;)

@xoxo: don't worry! you can find quite a few on ebay but they tend to get rather expensive. If I were you I would check out a thriftstore nearby ;)

@swa: ik begrijp het zoals ik begrijp dat niet elke staart een wasbeer heb hiihihi

@mila: een flink voorraadje films is ook mijn grote wens haha :p

@ariella: Thank you! About the film, it's not completely true, yet. If I'm not mistaken they're going to stop producing filmcassettes by the end of this year so it should be pretty hard to get your hands on some film after that. Right now there's still quite a lot of film available, especially on the internet, but it's hard to find it in stores (as a lot of photographers have shut down their business after the uprise of digital photography). It still can be found at some places though, it just takes a bit more effort ;)

@the tea drinking english rose: haha yes 2 euro's really is a fantastic price! and thank you so much! I like your blog as well, I'm going to add it to my links :)

Héloïse J. zei

i was in desert island on the beach lying next to 3 criminals and then all my friends came and a girl stood up with her polaroid in her hands and took us a beautiful photo. i saw it straight away- she first gave it to me and then i passed it to 2 friends and she put it in a book that she had there..

i saw that dream last night!

*great great buy-hope it works :D

Emma zei

oh i love polaroids, but i heard they're discontinuing it in the US. i have a mass amount of polaroids on an entire wall haha. hope you have fun with it!

Fashion Is Poison zei

i am so sad polaroids are being discontinued! :[