maandag 28 juli 2008

Medicate the Kids

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fall inspiration

I noticed that fall gear is already starting to take over stores and with it's arrival one can't help but wonder.
"What will I be buying/wearing during the colder and much more dreary half of the year?" might seem a bit of a premature question at the end of July, but experience has taught me that the best things tend to turn up early and I'm pretty confident that this year won't be an exception. Eventhough I can't, or should I say won't, be buying anything until September, creating a wishlist on polyvore has never hurt anyone, at least not to my knowledge.

red/creme striped sweater, dark corduroy skinny pants, black woolen coat, black patent high heel lace up boots, some jewellery, suede ankle boots

I'm still a bit hesitant about the red/creme striped sweater. I have this tendency to buy red coloured clothes and then feel really uncomfortable while wearing them. I don't know why I keep buying/craving all this red but it seems to be for no apparent reason as I don't even like the colour. Yet this sweater is fooling me once again. I should probably stay away from it since I already own 2 red/white striped sweaters, although not nearly as pretty as the one pictured above, so we'll see. Everything else is a definite yes, especially the suede ankle boots I mentioned earlier. They're genius and remind me of a pair of ankle boots I bought when I was 13. They lasted me 5 years and I wore them to death. Suffice it to say, they deserve a worthy successor.

Keeping in mind that I only want to buy a couple of key pieces per season (basics not included) I had to put a lot more thought into these possible future purchases and there is a lot less room for error as I will most probably be spending more on a single piece. I do however believe that purchasing less would require one to have a clear idea of what they want to look like and what works/doesn't work for them. So I hope that the era of gigantic style-moodswings is finally over and that I won't be making yet another 180 before summer ends. Which, frankly, is not completely unimaginable. Hot pink tutu anyone?

But despite these former moodswings, I've always been enamoured by the idea of having a distinct style -I get the feeling everyone is these days- and with it the freedom to buy a lot less and still look decent. So about 2 years ago I decided it would be worth the effort to give it a try. It actually took me quite some time to figure out IF it would work for me, and if so, what this distinct style would have to look like. Especially the latter part involved quite a bit of experimenting (believe me, it wasn't always pretty). It seems to be really working though, I've had a rather clear and steady vision of how I want dress for almost a year now (the longest period of time such a divine insight has ever lasted) and I'm still not sick of it. On top of that I came to the conclusion that I actually really enjoy sticking to a certain way of dressing, even if others don't recognize it as such. And it really does save you money, and a lot of stress in the morning, when you don't have to re-do your entire wardrobe every six weeks, now who would have thought that?!
It is tricky though, and it does require a certain form of self restraint. I can't go out and just buy everything I like anymore and sometimes it can be rather difficult. Especially when you're facing the most wonderful dress/top/skirt, yet you're unable to buy it, simply because it "doesn't work". But personally I have never regretted not buying something and learned to appreciate the things I do buy so much more. I guess you could say that in the end it does pay off. But I suppose you will only feel that way if it's really what you want, otherwise it's pretty easy to get frustrated an throw all your resolutions overboard ;)

So is anyone else already anticipating fall or is it just me? And if so, what's on your wishlist?

Last but not least I want to say thanks for all your incredibly nice comments, they really helped cheering me up!

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Héloïse J. zei

i luv your fall inspiration board. i can feel you about moodswings but still i'm not over it. i usually try to keep it simple with some twists!

Héloïse J. zei

oh dear i just checked all your polyvore! you left me bouche beante! IT'S AMAZING. i could wear e a c h and e v e r y outfit!

i'm excited :D


Mila zei

Supermooi 'moodboard', zeer inspirerend!
Hmm...ik herken erg veel van wat je zegt over die moodswings, maar alhoewel het bij mij steeds minder wordt, heb ik toch nog wel verschillende dagen, als in: een dag waarin het me veel uitmaakt hoe ik eruit zie en dagen dat het me zeer weinig kan schelen.
En geloof me, dat is dan duidelijk te zien in mijn kledingkeuze. ;)

Ik ben wel echt van plan (en geloof ook dat het me gaat lukken) om meer voor kwaliteit dan voor kwantiteit te gaan vanaf nu. Ik ben er zeker van dat dat de moeite waard is.

Morgen een dagje A'dam met moeders, eens even kijken of ik die verstandigheid dan al op kan brengen.


onomatopoeia. zei

thanks héloïse!

oh die dagen heb ik ook nog steeds, je moest eens weten hoe ik er vandaag bij loop :p op zulke dagen trek ik gewoon een joggingbroek aan.
maar een jaar of twee geleden vond ik echt om de maand een andere stijl leuk en dan kocht ik allerlei dingen om mijn kast op die stijl aan te passen en nog geen maand later was ik het dan weer helemaal zat en moest ik weer nieuwe spullen inslaan. dat is vermoeiend en kost veel geld.

ik hoop voor je (en geloof ook) dat het je gaat lukken! je moet gewoon goed voor ogen houden dat het de moeite waard is ;)

alvast veel plezier in Amsterdam! en mocht je er toevallig langskomen dan moet je SKY op de keizersgracht eens met een bezoekje vereren, die is zeer de moeite waard!

♥ fashion chalet zei

Love the collage & inspiration. xx

Allure zei

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.

BTW, your wishlist is -as always- great. I am thinking about mine too. I need a black cardigan (I like the ones from Play CDG), a pair of blue skinnies and I'll also want a vintage school satchel. If I finally save money, I'll buy an APC trench.

lucy zei

hot pink tutu for me please!!! laf.

btw, i think your style vision is perfect.

Style Syrup zei

The ispiration board you created was perfect. Your Polyvore had some wonderful wearble pieces too.
It is wonderful that you are able to fine tune your style. I am currently in that 'changes every month phase". I also find myself looking to the cooler months(mainly since I somewhat sick of the heat).
Your blog is fantastic by the way.

stars in your eyes zei

swa waar is de blog over het grote nieuws? :(


Cupcakes and Cashmere zei

this is so amazing! even though it's super hot out in la, i'm in skinny jeans with black riding boots today. i'm simply far too excited for fall.

Stephanie zei

You have such a lovely blog, I seriously can't believe I've never seen it before! Definitely adding you to my links list.

Hmm.. for fall, I want a top hat, platform wedges, saddle shoes, a fur coat, a leather jacket, and a shirtdress.


Aaah I've been away and haven't been able to look at your blog but it's so nice to read (as always). Fall is by far my favourite season fashion-wise because of the possibilities involved in dressing!

I'm looking to go a little more streamlined, a little more edge but at the same time feminine. Who knows if that's even possible. Funny enough red is a huge colour that I've been thinking of recently! I think you can pull it off-- just be confident; honestly from what I've seen I have no doubt you can wear it. I can't wait to see what outfits you come up with.

Like you I've been trying to invest in good pieces but I can't lie, it's not easy sometimes when you see something great. And more often than not I have regretted certain purchases that I end up giving away. I guess the trick really is to just buy what you really love.

Mila zei

Goodmorning dear,

Ja, en opnieuw beloon ik je met een award. Er komt geen einde aan. Fantastisch he?


thesearchforchic zei

Fantastic post dear.. I love that you are already planning the pieces you want to get. The isabel marant booties are so great. Are you ordering them online or?

If you are not sure of the stripe sweater..leave it..your list should include pieces you really love and know you will wear. :) there is a stripe sweater from APC this season which I am not sure of either.. I seem to be drawn to 'easy style' really basic pieces with something extra, not sure though. its cute. :P :)

Knight Cat zei

i bought a red striped shirt for the first time, exactly like the sweater, and i got it only for 3 dollars! its amazing-but i love everything you have on your list :) especially the beige boots...i have a small list this fall as well: aa salt and pepper sweater, aa uneck dress (black) and a fanny pack from aa...yeah all of it comes from there :)


porter hovey zei

I'm already getting my pencils sharpened!!

esme and the lane way zei

I love the stripy red jumper. I am in the middle of winter down here, so I feel so 'up-side-down' looking to Spring at this time of year. I love making wishlists – mine includes a grey cardigan.

Heart in a cage zei

Erg leuke post! Geweldige collage en wishlist.;) Ik weet niet precies of ik mijn echte stijl al heb 'gevonden', maar ik denk het haast wel. Ik ben al wel bezig geweest met een lijstje maken, maar ik weet nog niet precies wat ik wil. Ik weet eigenlijk ook niet zo goed wat er nu in de winkels ligt dus een lijstje met bepaalde items heb ik nog niet.

-h of candid cool zei

great pictures of moss, lou, and im not sure who's towards the bottom right but i like the big grey jersey scarf she has on.

the red striped shirt is quite nice, but if u already have enough i say pass, or wait until it goes on sale.

my picks: too many black boots, im trying to scale back, but the good fall clothes just keep pulling me back in

poeta fit, non nascitur zei

I love it. I adore clemence.

Anyhu, I just recently found your blog. I shall definitely drop in once in a while. :D