vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Anywhere I lay my Head

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This week I made a decision. It's a pretty definitive one and I'm not completely sure whether I'm going to regret this later on, but at the moment it feels like the right thing to do. I've decided that I'm going to stop blogging. I've been keeping up this blog for almost a year now and it has been a wonderful way to share all kinds of inspiration with others. But enough is enough. I do no longer find the same kind of joy in writing/posting as I once did.

It feels like, in a way, I've outgrown this blog. These last few days have been really busy, I've been enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed and that made me realise that I want to focus more on those things instead of keeping up with an "online life". Surely that can be done without saying goodbye to my blog but I prefer to give it up completely.

I do however not want to leave without thanking everyone for the incredibly nice and friendly comments you've left, I truly appreciated every single one of them! I also want to mention how great it was to 'get to know' so many wonderful fellow bloggers, whom I've come to admire not only for their creativity but mostly for their kindness!

I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to post this at first. I feared that this post might get mistaken for a cry for attention, for wanting people to tell me that I shouldn't leave, when that's really not why I'm writing this. I just reckoned that it wouldn't be very fair to leave without offering some sort of an explanation.

So I guess this is it, the final goodbye. Or as the French would say: Au revoir mes ami(e)s!

ps. for those of you who asked, you can email me at this adres

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thesearchforchic zei

I must admit I am quite sad of this new as I quite recently discovered your blog... it is jut so inspirational..on so many levels.

But you have to do what is right for you. :) Just know you will be greatly missed, and hopefully one day you will feel like spreading inspiration again. :)


Allure zei

I understand your decision, but I'll miss your incredibly inspiring posts, and your photos too.

Héloïse J. zei

oh not again! that's sad.. really. anw a decision is a decision.
i hope you keep enjoying life at its full.. and what can i say? hope we meet again.

it was a real pleasure 'meeting' you dear.

alors au revoir and have a wonderful wonderful summer (:

Tea zei

You´re being very honest my pally- although you´ll come back to it..later on, quite sure of that;)

I´m really glad you´ve found some of your joie de vivre once again, life is to be enjoyed. So spoil yourself, hop-hop into zhe rabbithole and get jiggy with it my dear!

Tea zei

Als je toch weet wie ik ben, kom dan eens wat passages droppen bij take-asip :)

Mila zei

He getver, wat een rottig nieuws om te horen.
Toch hoop ik stiekem dat je over een tijdje weer terug bent, want dit is niet de eerste keer dat je het zat bent.
Jammer! Je blog is geweldig..

Hopelijk houden we contact via die andere weg waarop we er een 'online leven' op na houden. ;)

Veel liefs!

camille zei

oh, god, this could not be any sadder! one of my favourite bloggers is saying her final goodbye! i enjoyed passing by everyday for any actualizations and reading every new entry, and now i regret about not making comments more frequently, but what is done, is done, and you made your decision, and if it's good for you, great. all i want to say, is that i will miss you very much and well, to wish you good luck on everything.
au revoir, onomatopoeia ♥.


discothequechic zei

I have to agree with thesearchforchic, i only recentl discovered your blog, and it never fails to inspire me and get me thinking and nodding!

please don't leave, it's too lovely not to continue!

but i understand if you feel you need to move on. just please promise not to delete it? as i said, it's way too pretty and i have the archives to be making the most of!

Le chouchou zei

Wat jammer zeg!
Vond je blog altijd zo leuk om te lezen. Je was en blijft mijn favoriet.

Hopelijk tot snel!

Yoonah zei

Oh girl this is so sad to hear. I understand where you are coming from entirely but it is a great loss to me that you are going to stop blogging.

To be honest I was inspired to start blogging because of your blog, and to see you go makes me realise that this may be a temporary thing, something to occupy time. I'm glad to have gotten to know you somewhat through your posts; you are a lovely writer and a lovely girl.

Please keep in touch! let me know your e-mail address. :)


Oh girl this is so sad to hear. I understand where you are coming from entirely but it is a great loss to me that you are going to stop blogging.

To be honest I was inspired to start blogging because of your blog, and to see you go makes me realise that this may be a temporary thing, something to occupy time. I'm glad to have gotten to know you somewhat through your posts; you are a lovely writer and a lovely girl.

Please keep in touch! let me know your e-mail address. :)

Bout de lu zei

You don't know hear you shouldn't leave your blog, so I don't anything... I was very glady to go every day to see you here, you shared me every beautiful things so a big thank you! I'm sad but I understand
I hope you will come on my blog to do your nice comment,
you're very sweety, you'll miss me
a little french word: merci de m'avoir fait connaitre tant de belles choses, de noms de photographes, venir chez toi,, c'était un peu comme un rêve...
c'est vrai que la vie sur la blogosphère devient singulièrement identique, mais c'est aussi une forme d'échapattoir donc c'est plutôt normal qu'il y est cette similitude entre blog, mais ce n'est pas la vie réelle, et c'est normal de voulior ss'en détacher... tu vas me manquer maisje garde dans un coin de ma tête tes belles images, merci beaucoup et bonne chance
my french word is so long but to resume thanks, good luck and goodbye I was enjoyed to "meet" you

Héloïse J. zei

did you change your mind? huh? ^^

hanna zei

Oh I am so sad.You were my daily inspiration and you brought me close to so many incredible things.
I'm really gonna miss this blog.
I understand your decision,though.

thank you so much onomatopoeia.Auf Wiedersehen! :)

du bist toll

Héloïse J. zei

you too dear. you must be a really good girl.
i'll be checking your flickr definitely!

that's great news!

have a wonderful time.



ooohmaureen zei

haha funny pic's! x

Laurel zei

I was a bit thrown off by this wee-curve ball, but I understand where you're coming from. I know that with a little time away from your blog, you'll find that same inspiration you came here with. We'll always be here for you, no matter what!

Your blog was one of the very first that got me thinking about starting my own, you totally serve as an inspiration for us.

I would love to stay in touch with you, what is your email address?

Have a wonderful summer, my love!

Amy Williams zei

Such a shame you're finishing you're blog, I've loved reading it while its been going, and its been one of my favourites!
Hopefully you'll be staying on TFS, and keep posting your amazing outfits!


a. zei

aw, no. you will be greatly missed.

im sad that i only just recently found your blog...its given me so much inspiration.

i understand why though, sometimes i feel obligated to keep up with mine when life just wont have it sometimes.

best of luck in everything you do.

love xxx

Luce zei

I'm sad! i love your blog. its full of things that i love and people that inspire me. i'll miss you!

sabine zei


Zo is het toch goed, stoppen op een hoogtepunt.
Ik vind het jammer, ik volgde je blog graag, maar het echte leven is ook de moeite waard! :P

Groetjes Sabine

Knight Cat zei

i really love to read your thoughts and ideas, i find them so inspiring! i guess i will miss reading them :(

i hope you are always happy and healthy :)!

so much loveeee

knight cat

danica zei


I'm sad to read that you're giving up your blog, but I completely understand why. It was lovely getting to know you through your beautiful blog. All the best xo

fritha louise zei

I'm really sad to see you go, I love your blog, it's so inspiring and wonderful! All the best!

sunbot zei

i have to echo everyone else--this is sad news! especially since i just discovered your wonderful blog!

but you're being true to yourself and what can be more inspirational than that? i hope you have many more wonderful days ahead : D

claire zei

ah how sad, and when i had only just started blogging myself.

good luck with everything, and please keep the archives open because your blog was and always will be lovely. if mine ever becomes something on the same level i will remember you as one of the first to leave a comment x

Ariella zei

This was quite shocking to read - and I'm sad to hear it, too. I know there is no point begging you not to leave, but I really am going to miss reading your blog.
I wish you all the best and I hope that some day you might want to start blogging again.

my thoughts zei

Jammer maar begrijpelijk.. ik kan me goed indenken dat er een punt komt waarbij bepaalde dingen op de 1e plek komen en andere dingen verder onderaan het lijstje komen..

Ik ga je blog wel missen, ik haalde er veel inspiratie uit en was vaak verwonderd door je verhalen en beelden.

Zo ook door het nummer wat je onlangs op je blog had, niet deze, niet die ervoor, maar daarvoor.. prachtig. Ik kon niet stoppen met luisteren.

Alleen kon ik niet vinden van wie het was, dus bij deze.. van wie was dat mooie nummer?

Veel succes met ontdekken en ik hoop dat je ooit wel weer bereid bent je ontdekkingen en inspiratiebronnen met ons te delen.


inspiring-sabina zei

Thank-you for saying good-bye, for those of us that love your inspirations, we will miss your blog greatly! Have fun, enjoy looking at the world without remembering to blog about it later! I completely understand how your view changes.

Thank-you for the beauty.

joanne zei

oh and i was just getting to know you! it is tough to keep up with an online life though, as i have recently found out myself. i will sorely miss your updates! but in any case, best of luck with everything and take care :)

Tea zei

Take care love

Anouk the Lionmane zei



Esmée zei

Owh i just recently discovered your blog to! And i think also that is a shame that you stop blogging. I'l hope we can welcme you back some day...


we could grow up together zei

i have fallen in love
with yr blog

Jessica zei

I wish you luck with what you start in the futur. You will be missed ! :(