dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

Just for now

Given the immense response on my farewell post (and thank you so much for that, really, there are no words that could describe how heart warming your comments were!) I reckon that hopefully no one will mind this little update. It's been almost three weeks now since that last post and I came to the conclusion that I would still enjoy updating the blog every now and then (even and mostly if it's just for my own pleasure). I might not be posting nearly as often as I did before but perhaps something like a post a week would be ok? I hope I didn't scare everyone off with my goodbye post, but if I did, so be it ;)

I took these polaroids last week. The film was a gift from a friend of mine, or actually, she traded me the film for an origami owl. A pretty fair deal right?
cranes pt 2

evening sky

22 opmerkingen:

danica zei

Yay! I'm really pleased your stopping by now and again :)

The polaroids are beautiful - the first image in particular is stunning.

Heart in a cage zei

Mooi!<3<3 Leuk dat je weer 'terug' bent.;)

hanna zei

I´m happy so happy that you changed your mind!!one post a week is definitely better than none :)

hurray, you're back

und das ist super...

hanna zei

so happy... :D

sabine zei

haha, sommige mensen hadden gelijk dat je weer terug zou komen :P, maar ben blij dat je door blijft gaan.

x Sabine

Héloïse J. zei

yay!!! that's really good news. i may have stopped but i'm still checking for updates every now and then. fortunately!
the pics are beautiful. really. (: i'm happy you came back!

*what did you do with the previous posts of yours? dont tell me you deleted them..

a bientot

Héloïse J. zei

:D haha!

great great news!

Heart in a cage zei

Bijna alle foto's van eerdere posts doen het niet meer trouwens.;)

Ariella zei

Oh, that's great news indeed! I've been checking your blog now and then since I secretly hoped that you might update again - and now you did! Anyway, it doesn't matter if you wouldn't update very frequently... just that you'd update once in a while is nice too - at least as opposed to not getting any updates at all.

Lovely polaroids as well!

Mila zei

Maar dat wist je al.

Spreek je gauw!
Keep cool. ;)


camille zei

yay! it's cool to read you again^^
well, i can't say nothing but that i'm happy, very happy you're back. well, you're not posting frequently, but you are posting which is more important.
take care!

Hannah zei

Such a pleasant surprise to see on my google reader that you updated! Really glad to have you back, if only you get to do a post a week- I've missed your book reviews!

Helena zei

This polaroids have wonderful colors

Belowen zei

Beautiful pictures. And your blog song rocks!

Knight Cat zei

ahah so funny i was going to leave a comment about how i miss your blog and then i check and its updated ! :) that made me smile, the pictures are so gorgeous, are they taken with that old polaroid camera you got? i love the quality...and i would love it if your posted weekly! that wuld be wayyyy better than never ahah...i start school next week so i bet i will post way less tooo...long comment sorry!


Richel zei

I'm glad you blogged this one time as I just found your blog. It's spectacular.

discothequechic zei

I'm so glad that the posting will continue; I think once a week is certainly enough to satifsy our appetite!

please don't go again!

Mettch zei

i'm happy you're back! -as you said: there are other things to life that what happens behind the screen, but i'm glad that you will continue blogging though less than before. in the end, you should only do it for yourself and when you have something you really want to share. it should never become a duty and in this case i much prefer quality over quantity.. xx.

Rose zei

The pictures were beautiful.

And yeah definitely, it would be a pity if you leave your blog, i really like reading it.

You can just come (update) and go (leave it) as you like. No obligations;)

Anoniem zei

i'm happy to reed you again...
again and again and again...
pretty pic!

claire zei

glad you're back! love the last polaroids, dreamy stuff.

i will relink you now of course!

young-shields x


The polaroids of the origami are beautiful!!