woensdag 10 september 2008

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Amanda zei

i love the photo with the girl and the shell!

hanna zei

I love these kind of posts!

thank you :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere zei

are those giant cheerios? amazing collage, thanks for sharing! xxx

discothequechic zei

hoorah for polaroid inspiration!

Jillian zei

um HOLY CRAP I LOVE KINGS OF LEON you just totally made me excited!

I dont' care what ANYONE SAYS... guys + tight jeans = HOTNESS

mmm... haha

luyi zei

amazing as always!
it's really beautiful that you make a collage of those pretty photos.

check my blog to receive your award!

Ediot zei

you choose these beautiful pics.
thanks so much.

Mila zei

Zoo mooi!
Hoe is/was het in Centerparks? Ik hoop dat je een hele leuke vakantie hebt gehad en natuurlijk dat je veel mooie foto's/polaroids(!!) hebt gemaakt!


Anoniem zei

here it's a snuggy playground... i love, thanks Mandi

Anoniem zei

hoe kan dit :h

makemoremistakes zei

this is a gorgeous compilation of images. so very inspiring.


natalia zei

I'm back!

Mettch zei

beautiful and inspirational selection! and i love the new header, too!

♥ fashion chalet zei

I love #9.

DaisyChain zei

Beautiful photos

onomatopoeia zei
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onomatopoeia zei

@cupcakes and cashmere: haha yes they sure look like them!

@jillian: have you heard their new cd yet? it's brilliant! and yes, looking at the kings in their tight jeans is certainly no punisment to the eyes :p

@luyi: I will check it out right away! thanks :)

@mila: het was heel erg leuk, heb het enorm naar mijn zin gehad!