zaterdag 6 september 2008

The Animals Were Gone...

At last, my instax camera has arrived! And right on time I might add, as I will leave for a five day minibreak this monday. Nothing too fancy, just a bit of swimming and eating and doing absolutely nothing else. This week was ridiculously hectic (I unexpectedly had to take my mother to the hospital, my grandfather died, then the funeral, it wasn't exactly the kind of week I had imagined) so I could really use some serious relaxation!
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Someone whose talent I can't get over and whom I've featured in my flickr favourites posts quite a few times before is the brilliant Susu Laroche. Her photographs are so breathtakingly beautiful that any further attempt to describe them in words would be an insult to their splendor:

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To see more of her work just visit:


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Talking about photography (am I ever not?) I finally decided on getting myself a Diana Camera. And yes I promise this will be the last time I mention it. is offering the beautiful Edelweiss Edition that will totally have to be mine. Once it is I can finally stop obsessing about it. Which should turn out to be a good thing.
And now we're on the topic of spending money, I really crave a good old shopping trip. Haven't bought anything decent in such a long time, it feels almost unnatural. So I'll need to make time for that. After all, fall is almost here and most of my clothes do no longer fit me properly, oh the joy that's called stress, so I think I have a decent excuse. Anyone else planning some fall shopping?
That's actually all I have to share right now. I've created a little post that will be auto published on wednesday so you'll have something new to look at while I'm away.

I hope everyone has a great week! I'll be back next saturday :)

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Saskia zei

Jij hebt een mooie weblog :)

getting-freaky zei

i love your blog, and the pics are soo beautiful

discothequechic zei

i'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

but this little break sounds perfect, esp when equipped with a diana.

hope you'll be posting the pictures!

ah, and thank god for the auto publish button..


ps, despite this being on my my must read blogs, i still haven't linked you. would you like to trade?

Ariella zei

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you're managing okay, and may he rest in peace.

Those pictures are really wonderful, and magical. Lovely.

knight-cat zei

so sorry about your grandfather, i hope everything turns out fine :)

and is the title of your post from damien rice? i love him.


Heart in a cage zei

Wat een prachtige foto's! Die Diana camera ziet er echt fantastisch uit!<3 Veel plezier in centerparcs!!;)

onomatopoeia zei

thanks for the kind words :)

@discothequechic: yes I'd love to trade! I will add your blog to my links right away

@knightcat: yes it is! I adore damien's music ♥

Nita-Karoliina zei

amazing pictures"

Mila zei

Ah liefje, ik vind het zo erg voor je dat je in zo'n rottijd zit!
Ik hoop dat je je toch sterk voelt en dat het met je moeder nu weer goed gaat..(!?)

Nevertheless, prachtige post. Die Flickr foto's zijn echt ongelofelijk!
Ik wil ook echt een Holga of Diana camera kopen, ik zit alleen nog een beetje met wat voor rolletjes erin gaan en hoe duur het ontwikkelen zal zijn.

Heel veel plezier aankomende dagen en probeer er lekker van te genieten.
Ik zal aan je denken! <3

the tea drinking english rose zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
the tea drinking english rose zei

i hope you feel better soon. i know how you feel, and it will all get ok soon.
enjoy your time away, and i hope you have the most relaxing time. x

Chic Looks zei

this pictures are wonderful, I'm ever so sorry about your grandfather, I hope you have a fab break and feel better soon

lots of hugs xx.

a zei

i'm so sorry about your grandfather, i hope you're doing alright.
i hope your break is as relaxing as possible!
(and that camera looks so cool. what kind of film does it take?)

Thumbelina zei

Oh you took that first one??? Was it with your instax? It's quite beautiful, and I love how the film seems to be melting into the picture. May I ask how much those cameras usually run?? I would love to get one. And thank you for those flickr photos, they are so mysterious and surreal... quite hypnotizing, really. And thanks for your sweet comment!! I have been such a fan of your blog for forever, haha.
Ciao ciao <3

Mirthe zei

Dat zijn fantastische foto's!

Dina-Dyorre zei

i WELL want a good camera. I notice a lot of people have a canon EOS 400, are they worth having? at the moment i only have a basic dimage z3 and it's ok, but i'd like to have amazing quality photos like some people on blogger and deviant art!

nice nice photos, I like looking at surreal things like that :)

morphidee zei

Oh god, die edelweiss camera is zo prachtig.
oh wat wil ik die diana hebben.

morphidee zei

Ik hoop trouwens dat je je oke voelt, tis vast niet gemakkelijk zo een week. zoveel door je hoofd.. oh god. ik hoop dat deze fotos en prachtige dingen op je blog je een beetje kunnen afleiden en doen lachen. dikke knuffel

thesearchforchic zei

SO glad that you have come back to blogging.. <3

I hope you get to relax, sorry to hear about your grandfather.

liswon zei

I <3 your blog. Was wondering if you'd like to swap links :) Take care!

liswon zei

p.s. so sorry to hear about your grandpa.

Anoniem zei

wat een mooie foto's! en wat een leuke weblog!