woensdag 3 september 2008

Flickr Favourites

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claire zei

this collage of all the pictures is so lovely, i will definitely check out the users pages.

great content on your blog, as awlays

young-shields x

Ediot zei

Woooooooonderful. really ! thanks a lot for sharing

Mila zei

Nummer 19 is magnifique...

Laurel zei

God, these are so beautiful. You are wonderful to compile all of these great images, definitely makes me think of fall and summer - and speaking of which, I need to start finding myself some fall inspiration! Just like these amazing photos!


danica zei

Aww, lovely favourites! They're all so beautiful to look at :)

♥ fashion chalet zei

Very nice photos. I love all of your choices! :)

cleolikesyou zei

ik ben er achter gekomen dat ik verliefd ben geworden op je blog;)
je hebt n goede fotografiesmaak (ongeveer zelfde als mij)!
ik stop je wel even in mn coole blogslijst.

Katie Rosemary zei

So much inspiration!
I love these sorts of posts... you have a great eye for beautiful photographs

the tea drinking english rose zei

the flamingos are amazing!!!
i love your litle collages.

R.M. zei

Oh these are so wonderful! So inspirational for today. It's raining here. Another storm passing through. *sigh*

Hannah zei

You always find such lovely pictures!

a zei

beautiful! how do you find them?
the combination of photos is really quite lovely.

Richel zei

these pictures are gorgeous. I definitely want to see what other great pictures those users have to offer.

Mila zei

Ooooh, ik moet dit echt even met je delen!
Ik ben vanochtend tante geworden!!!
Hij heet Isai(met dubbele puntjes) Manul (de eerste naam weet ik nog niet hoe ik die schrijf..)
Geweldig he! Ik ga er zo heen om hem te zien, vast te houden en 1000000 kusjes te geven <3


onomatopoeia zei

thanks everyone!

@a: I find most of them by browsing through flickr pools and by looking at the favorites of my favorite flickr members ;)

@mila: ah wat leuk!!! ik ga wel even wat op jouw blog achterlaten ;)