zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

Time flies

Bonjour mes lecteur(e)s!
Thank you very much for all the lovely comments, I will try to catch up on responding to them as soon as possible!
the adorable Ariella from pearls in your hair tagged me with the habits list, so let's start with that:

1. Clothes shop: I don't know. I'm having such a hard time finding anything decent these days. Whether I go to H&M or to a more exclusive store, almost nothing manages to live up to my expectations. The fit is wrong, colours are off, the overall style of current collections is simply not my cup of tea. And I'm affraid that isn't going to change anytime soon. Fortunately I really like clothes hanging in my closet.

2. Furniture shop: Ikea. I don't care about the fact that probably half the world owns my hensvik bookcase or my hjärta pillow. I love everything they sell and if I could live in an actual Ikea store, believe me, I would.

3. Sweet: icecream smoothies with strawberries and banana.

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4. City: Paris aka my one true love <3

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6. Music: lately I've been going through a Michael Jackson and the Doors phase, I literally can't stop listening to them. And I'm terribly excited about Kings of Leon's new album that will be released on september the 22nd.

7. Tv-series: I just love Jericho. It's such a shame they never got to finish the second season, my monday nights will never be the same. Other than that I'm probably the biggest Law & Order Criminal Intent fan you will ever meet. I can watch every single episode over and over again and still not get bored. I'm also crazy about 24. My family even makes jokes about it. Last year my mother got me a fake Jack Bauer watch for Christmas, I'm telling you, it was the best gift ever!

8. Film: At the moment I'm obsessed with Juno, as you might have read in my previous post. I can't get over how charming that movie is.

9. Work out: I don't work out. At all. I wish I could convince myself to get off my lazy butt and do something but I just hate sports. The only exercise I get is walking my dog, and that's not even something I do on a regular basis, yes shame on me.

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10. Pastries: I think I love all pastries. Especially chocolate croissants, cupcakes, creampuffs, cheesecake, you name it.

11. Coffee: I don't drink coffee. Starbucks is only good for one reason and that would be their chocolat frappuchino's. Now those I do drink!


This week I purchased the most awesome camera on ebay! A Fujifilm instax instant camera to be exact. It's pretty similar to a Polaroid camera yet the film is a lot cheaper and more importantly, still produced! Now I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival ;)

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Yet another tag. The lovely Mila from Loveology gave me a present (thanks!), a bff gold card and I don't even have to spend the money wisely! So what shall I use this generous gift for?

To prevent the list from getting endless I will only name 5 'things', starting with:
- a little
Puggle friend for Max. They are just too cute!
- a month long trip to la belle Paris together with my friends. So we can wander around the city, take a trillion photographs, eat good food and do some serious fall shopping
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- a diana dreamer camera and a lifelong supply of film. I've been in love with this pretty version of the diana camera ever since it first appeared on
- chinese food, loads and loads of it
- a holiday to an exotic place with my family
I'm not going to tag anyone this time, but if you feel like answering one or both of the above tag questionnaires, consider yourself tagged by me ;)

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This morning, after a relentless search, I was finally able to track down the new issue of Lula magazine. When it's first scan's started circulating the web I wasn't at all enthousiastic, but the more saw the more I liked it and when I was finally able to gaze at this issue in real life I was sold. It's once again filled with beautiful photography and great interviews, quite a relief when mainstream magazines are getting more and more dull each month.
That's it for today, perhaps I'll do another post tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

20 opmerkingen:

Mila zei

Zoo leuk om te lezen! Hele mooie foto's heb je tussen je antwoorden gedaan... <3

Mooi issie weer he de nieuwe Lula!
Mooi dat je hem zo snel hebt weten te bemachtigen.. :)


jane zei

i just discovered your blog & i'm so glad you're still blogging! i love your taste - & we share the same ikea bedspread!

Susanna-Cole zei

Aw, I wish Lula magazine didn't cost like a million dollars (ok, not THAT much, but a LOT ;)) to get shipped over here! It looks so lovely, I love the photography in it!

VanessaFromMilan zei

amazing...a french blog...!!i like the diferent style!!

ps: i'm new of the world of blogger...and i'm italian...if you want read my fashion blog...

bye a big kiss

AVA zei


mooi om te lezen dat je terug bent :) Ik heb het zó extreem druk privé dat ik totaal geen tijd heb, hoop het binnenkort op te pakken. Vraag me wel af waar je LULA kan kopen/bestellen? wil hem erg graag voor m'n verjaardag bemachtigen! <3

Lana zei

Leuke post, een maand lang met je vrienden in Parijs zijn, zou ik niet over willen slaan.

Ben benieuwd naar de foto's die je nieuwe aangeschafte camera gaat opleveren :).

natalia zei

it takes 13 days to get addicted to exercise! :)

Katie Rosemary zei

You have a lovely blog darling!
And you have good music taste, I adore the Doors also
That version of the Diana camera is perfect! I need it in my life. Up for robbing a bank anytime soon?

Scheharazade zei

The roses are so lovely !!^^

Chic Looks zei

Lula is one of my fav magazines

the tea drinking english rose zei

ahhhhhhh!! i'm so glad you're back!!!!

sad as it sounds, that has cheered me up!!
i was so upset, because i completey fell in love with your blog and only recently discovered it.
you're posts are one of my absolute favourites! :)!

welcome back!! x

Mila zei

Hee meis,
Hopelijk gaat het goed met je!
Ik heb je getagged...misschien heb je er geen zin in, maar ik moest hem gewoon aan jou 'geven'!


pumpkin soup zei

Echt leuke blog en foto's!

Linda Sue zei

GORGEOUS! I am so not into fashion,( live in the PNW) I do what works and somehow come out of it looking as though I care..Your blog inspires me, however! Attention to beauty makes a difference in how we walk through this life.

Sebastian Perinotti zei

great camerassssss

ashley zei

welcome back- i have missed lurking around your blog and finding all the little tidbits of inspiration!
I too could live in ikea, and drink tea 24 hours a day!

Dina-Dyorre zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Dina-Dyorre zei

I've heard so much about Lula, and I save every single scan I can find on the net. Yes, I share the fascination with millions, but who cares? The editorials are wonders. And I love how, unlike other fashion magazines, there's no extras: just a blank page with a rhyme, then photos. This is what it should be like :)

-h of candid cool zei


emilie zei

love your blog, and the photos you put in your posts!