dinsdag 16 september 2008

Cold Desert


So here I am again, back from holiday. Had the best time. I really enjoyed doing nothing at all. And the weather was perfect. Sunny, warm, but not too hot, a bit of summer in September. Unfortunately internet is still not working properly but according to my father 'it should be solved in a week :):):)'. And he obviously knows best.

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Last saturday I went to Antwerp. There I found those suede boots I've been boring you with for what seems to be ages. It happened to be the last beige pair and they were just the right size. Although they're not from APC or Isabel Marant for that matter, I'm very happy with them! It's so nice to buy something you really love. I already know I'll be wearing them to death. Did some more shopping this morning. Got a new trenchcoat, dark gray skinnyjeans, a pair of awesome zara heels, a blouse and, don't ask why, another striped shirt (as if my closet wasn't already filled with at least a dozen of those).

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Since I have nothing more interesting to share with you, here are some outfits with my new clothes:


a few more photographs of my holiday can be found here

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Heart in a cage zei

Die eerste foto is mooi!<3 Fijn dat je het leuk hebt gehad!;) Je aankopen en outfits zijn ook fantastisch! Waar is je grijze broek van als ik vragen mag?8)

Cupcakes and Cashmere zei

sounds like the perfect vacation and those boots really are great!

Mettch zei

i truly adore your purchases and how you've styled them (i wish we'd see more of your beautiful outfits on your blog). very effortless chic if you ask me.
good to hear you had a nice vacation. sometimes all you need is to just do nothing.

Katie Rosemary zei

Lovely simple and chic outfits, and I adore the Zara shoes!
You can never have enough stripey tops - fact.

VanessaFromMilan zei

i like your new clothes..!^^

Mila zei

Wauw! Ten eerste ben ik zeer blij dat je terug bent.. :)
Ten tweede, wat een geweldige foto die eerste vooral. (Waarmee issie gemaakt en bewerkt of niet?)

Je aankopen zijn helemaal super...je laarsjes zijn echt heel leuk. Je outfits ook! <3

Spreek je gauw.


onomatopoeia zei

@heart in a cage: dankje! de broek is van de H&M kinderafdeling ;)

@cupcakes and cashmere: thanks, it really was a nice little break!

@mettch: thank you :D

@katie rosemary: haha yes you're totally right ;)

@vanessafrommilan: thanks!

@mila: merci beaucoup! het is een polaroid image foto en ik heb hem niet bewerkt, alleen een beetje bijgesneden ;)

Ariella zei

It sounds and looks like you had a nice and relaxing holiday, which is something we all need once in a while! I looked at your flickr photos and they are really pretty :)
Oh, and I also like your suede boots very much. I hope you get a lot of good wear out of them!

Jillian zei

So much to say!!!!

First off.. I have a TON of catching up to do on your blog! you've had some AMAZING posts!

second those boots are so hot! i'm beyond JEALOUS those are absolutely STUNNING!

third every single outfit you just showed us is amazing. You have such a casual style and sweet style, it really suits you!

hope you've been well

danica zei

Very beautiful photos! I also love your compilation of outfits - I'm a fan of stripey tops too :)

thesearchforchic zei

I love the way you put together your outfits. Somehow it comes across as very poetic..the colours... Beautiful.

We have the same stripey top btw.. is so great!!


weminedeeper zei

Those outfits are very well put together. Great composition and colours. Lovely

Lula zei

Those booties are from New Look right ? Spotted them too, I think I'm gonna purchase those shoes soon :D I absolutely love the way you wear them btw, it's just perfect !

Lana zei

GEWELDIG die Zara heels en je laarzen, staan je ook super!

En mooie foto's!

SICK. zei

gorgeous gorgeous pictures i love your blog.
it really is pretty, all of it.


Knight Cat zei

you have amazing style! i those zara shoes!


Susanna-Cole zei

Love the pictures and your outfits! Especially the shoes, they're amazing!

Also I think it's pretty darn rad that your profile name is onomatopoeia! I love that word! :D


the tea drinking english rose zei

what beautiful photographs, i love that they're slightly faded, blurry-like. they give the impression of old.

there is a present left for you on my blog! :)

sophiejade zei

I love those heels!!

natalia zei

love this!

♥ fashion chalet zei

YAY you're back!!!! Missed your posts. Cute, as always, dear.

That was such a sweet comment, how cute that you're Mom had a similar dress (as the one I have on, was my Mom's.. from the 70's!) :)

cleolikesyou zei

fijn dat je het leuk hebt gehad!
die eerste foto is fantastisch, echt heel mooi:) leuke outfits ook

cleolikesyou zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
cleolikesyou zei

is die foto trouwens gemaakt met die instax camera of n echte polaroid camera?

Allure zei

Did you take the first pics with your Lomo camera?

onomatopoeia zei

thanks everyone, you're all way too kind!

@jillian: aww thanks! I'm still terribly excited about the boots myself, they're beyond perfect <3

@thesearchforchic: yes it is a fantastic top! as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I especially like the little pocket!

@lula: you're right, they are from new look! I actually liked the black ones too, but I couldn't convince myself to buy both :p

@susanna-cole: thanks! I love the word and it's meaning too, obviously ;)

@the tea drinking english rose: ah I love presents! especially when they're as nice as yours!

@cleolikesyou: dankje! de foto is gemaakt met mijn polaroid image system camera!

@allure: no it was taken with my polaroid image camera ;)

claire zei

Your outifts are so nice, really simple but still quirky. you are very chic x

aNOUK zei

o my..
ik denk dat ik verliefd ben op jou gladiatorsandalen!


K. Sundari zei

These buys are pretty good. I know what you mean by those boots. Those first photos are polaroid right?

Thumbelina zei

Oh it seems as though you had a wonderful time!! And your photos on your flickr account are so lovely, your oh so very talented. And I especially love all you buys--congrats on finding the shoes you have been wanting for forever! They look fantastic on you, and that outfit that you are wearing them in is my favorite. I have always adored your style. So glad to see when you have new posts! Your such an inspiration dear <3
Ciao ciao,

poeta fit, non nascitur zei

yesss, those shoes are lovely!

Linnéa zei

love your blog!! hope it´s ok that I put you on my blog list ;P (check out mine sometime, maybe you can put mine blog one your list ?)

onomatopoeia zei


@k. sundari: yes they are ;)

@thumbelina: aww thank you so much! I love your style too :)
You're so creative with your outfits, they're a real pleasure to look at!

@linnéa: merci! I'll add yours to my list right away

Snobber zei

love this post, love.

-h of candid cool zei

that striped shirt and skinnies are simply cool. and whoa! those are some awesome zara heels!

loou zei

i love the first picture so much!

Em! zei

like the first one!