dinsdag 23 september 2008

Viva la Vida

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The ever so lovely tea drinking english rose surprised me with a wonderful blog award! Now that is one gift that is always welcome! Merci beaucoup :)
For this award I'm going to nominate heart in a cage, mila, joanne, allure, luyi and jillian!


Talking about lovely things, last week I came across these polaroids of Michelle Williams from boy by band of outsiders and I ADORE them. Michelle is so adorable and both the light and colours in these photographs are beautiful!

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I was actually lucky enough to be given yet another pretty award, this one by the charming Luyi. Thank you! If you ask me, daydream lily, knight cat, sophie jade, the search for chic and mettch all deserve this award as well, so I will pass it on to them!


Now it's time for something completely different. Last friday I received a packet from Hong Kong, carrying a bunch of new instax cassettes! Took a few photographs over the weekend but I'm not quite sure how I feel about them. Nevertheless, I'm still very excited about my Instax camera!


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One last thing I really need to share (oui, it's indeed a pathetic cry for sympathy) is the following. Last week I was stupid enough to cut my hair. And since I'm fully aware of the fact that great minds think alike, even when it comes to stupid actions, I wasn't surprised when I saw Kate Moss with the same haircut I got. But can anyone tell me why she looks insanely cool with her new hairdo while I look like a cross between a dorky 8 year old and a middle aged secretary?

I must never cut my hair again. Ever.


To finish this ridiculously incoherent post, here are some more flickr favourites of mine:
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1. c is for camera, 2. lipstick and ghosts , 3. Lomo self-made development - experiment1- the old man and the sea, 4. D _ LE 11, 5. Pastries and Scones, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. kaysie - naples beach

19 opmerkingen:

Emily zei

all of these photographs are lovely...the very bottom one on the right is my favorite. running through the ocean is one of the best feelings in the world.

mybrouhaha zei

all photographies are so beautiful! i love the polaroids ones!

Robine zei

Mooie foto's & polaroids zeg!
Ben stiekem best wel benieuwd naar een eigen foto van je nieuwe haircut! ;)

Bout de lu zei

your post are never ridiculously incoherent, jsut beautiful... actually I like your new layout!

Mila zei

Wauw meissie! Wat een fantastische post!! Ik ben er erg verliefd op. Dat mag gewoon, sinds ik weer vrijgezeg ben! ;)

Fantastische foto's zeg!

Superlief van je dat je nomineert voor die award. Many thanks! <3

thesearchforchic zei

I am sure you look beautiful with your new hair.. Kate looks 'cool' because of her dark eyeliner... have you tried that?

I want to cut my hair short but I already look so young. really not sure.

Beautiful post, as always. :)

Heart in a cage zei

Merci beaucoup voor de award! De foto's die je maakte met je instax camera vind ik echt fantastisch! Ik ben eigenlijk best wel benieuwd naar een foto van jouw met je nieuwe kapsel.8)

Knight Cat zei

thank you for the award darling! i lovee your blog!!!


Allure zei

Thank you so much for the award! And don't be so hard on yourself, I bet you must look lovely.

joanne zei

aww thank you so much for the award :) i actually really love this incoherent post of yours... it goes well with my naturally scattered train of thought :P

sophiejade zei

Thankyou so much!! Im sure your hair looks lovely that cut is very pretty and i love those polaroids especially the last!

camille zei

+ i agree with you, i love michelle williams! she's adorable.
+ i love how kate moss looks with her new look. she couldn't make it work any better, it's just perfection. i don't know how you look with the new hair cut, so i can't give an opinion about that.
+ i love the polaroids you chose!
+ death and all his friends is my favourite song of the album (i bought it some weeks ago). well, i loved every piece of work. and every song i listened to, i loved it even more than the previous one. and this last song was like... my life.

well, take care :)
lots of love ♥

Chic Looks zei

I bet your hair looks fine, also michelle williams is the cutest, she comes across as a genuinely lovely lady, I like her lots. Also i updated my links a while ago and was wondering if you'd like to exchange links?!!!!

Mettch zei

thank you for the award. i'd give it right back to you if i could! as for the haircut.. I KNOW THE FEELING! and it's awful but there's nothing to do about it and I'm sure that you will find a way to work it anyways. I think it looks lovely on Kate and I think it fits your personal style. I really cannot imagine how you shouldn't be able to pull it off :) and let me just say that i love-love-LOVE that last picture of yours.. is it your room? in case, can i move in? ;) xx.

danica zei

Aww...I'm sorry to hear about your haircut incident. I've been there before and the best thing to remember is that it will grow back :)

Fantastic post too. Love your choice of images!

Coco Crush zei

I think your photographs worked out really good.
I also totally agree with the awards you received, like your blog a lot :).
Keep on the good work ;).
And about the haircut..Kate can shave her hair and still look absolutely fab, she's just not human ;).

daydream lily zei

oh thank you for the award. I love your blog so its an honour that you like mine too :-)

onomatopoeia zei

aww thanks everyone ♥♥♥

@thesearchforchic: I tried the dark eyeliner today and it actually looks a lot better that way, thanks for the idea ;)

@camille: daahf is one of my favourite songs too! (it's pretty much a tie with lovers in japan and strawberry swing)

chic looks: sure I would!

@mettch: thanks ♥ and yes that is my room! So if you want to, you could sleep on the couch? ;)

@coco crush: thank you! haha yes that must be it, I've always thought there was something strange about kate, I suppose now we know what it is :p

@daydream lily: I'm glad you feel that way!

ed zei

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