vrijdag 26 september 2008

Lovers in Japan

I'm feeling quite happy today. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for your mood! So I went out for a walk, took some photographs and danced to Coldplay's newest proof of genius aka Lovers in Japan.
I also made this collage. It's nothing special but I just love all of these images and they completely represent how I want to look these next few months!

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Yesterday I got my cat mask in the mail. I didn't really need a cat mask, (as my nights as catwoman are a thing of the past) but I still liked the idea of a cat face gracing the side of my mirror. So I ordered one. And it's ridiculously cute! I think I'm going to dress up Max as a little kitten later today, I'm sure he'll enjoy that! I also received KOL's newest cd, which is BRILLIANT.

le chat blanc

Chadwick Tyler is one of those photographers whose work gets better everytime you see it. If you like these I'd suggest you take a look at www.chadwicktyler.com for more of his beautiful work...

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I watched Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday and it was beautiful! The costumes and the scenery are heaven. If you haven't seen it yet, I would seriously recommend it!

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have a happy weekend!

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21 opmerkingen:

Emily zei

your collage-making skills are amazing! glad you're enjoying your day!

Heart in a cage zei

Mooie collage! Cool masker ook! Ik zag Memoirs of a geisha gisteren ook(voor de 5e keer gok ik), maar het is inderdaad echt een prachtige film! Coldplay is overigens ook briljant. Misschien heb ik hun nieuwe album wel op mijn mp3 staan. 8)

Allure zei

That mask is so coooool!

BTW, I shouldn't say, but I think I am going to copy Alexa Chung in that pic tomorrow. Is a simple outfit, but I love it anyway.

Nature Grafitti zei

love all of the looks you included in your collage!!
and i A D O R E chadwick tyler's work... he truly is inspirational

Anoniem zei

ooh what a beautiful mask. where did you buy it?

Mila zei

Ik vind de foto die je zelf hebt gemaakt, echt PRACHTIG!
Eigenlijk is alles mooi aan deze post. Jij bent gewoon mooi! ;)


-h of candid cool zei

i really like the image, the 3rd on top. daria also just has such a cool factor, anything looks good on her.
this overall collage reminds me a lot of what the gap looks like right now, which im really loving gap since patrick robinson has come on board.

also memoirs of a geisha, a visually spectaculr movie. hatsumomo is my inspiration

jane zei

love the collage, lou doillon always looks so cool. & thankyou for introducing me to lovers in japan, it's lovely!!

thesearchforchic zei

I love your collages...effortless comes to mind. You have such a great eye, I am SO happy that you decided to blog a little still. <3

Thanks for the award by the way it means a lot :)

Ariella zei

That's a really pretty collage. Do you make them in photoshop? The outfits are really nice too, and I can totally imagine you wearing every single one of them.

a zei

aahh, i'm waiting for the new kings of leon to arrive, I haven't heard anything from it!! what are the best tracks do you think?

i love the cat mask by the way, adorable :)

The Stiletto Effect zei

nice blog :)

Jess. zei

That mask is so adorable. I love Memoirs of a Geisha. Have you read the book? It's even better than the movie. Cute collage!

Hope you're well,

Young Mind zei

I didn't think the new KOL album was that amazing, sounds quite similar to Because of the Times. I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the albums, besides the hit singles.

and yeah, memoirs of a geisha is a great movie, the main actress is so beautiful.

joanne zei

love chadwich tyler's stuff... very ethereal, but also kind of eerie! thanks for sharing :)

Audrey Leighton zei


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Siska zei

great pics°

aNOUK zei

i can always get inspired by MK Olsen..

what is that 'Bloglovin-something'?


onomatopoeia zei

merci beaucoup for the responses everyone!

@anoniem: I got it on ebay!

@jess: no I haven't read it yet, but I certainly intend to do so in the near future!

@audrey: sure, I'll add you to my links asap :)

makemoremistakes zei

Oh I love your kitty mask! It's brilliant!

HEK zei

Your blog is so delicate and pretty, I really like it. Very inspiring! It's my first time here, but I will follow from now:)