vrijdag 3 oktober 2008

I have dreams of orca whales and owls

This week has been a particularly inspiring week fashion wise, with all the beauty that comes with Paris fashion week. I was especially curious about Isabel Marant's newest collection. And I can't say I got disappointed. While the styling might be horrible and the plain uglyness of those chained boots can't be ignored, I must admit that I'm actually pretty excited about most of the pieces that were shown. The floral print shrugs and those gorgeous lace dresses are so beautiful, I think I'd better start saving some money!

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In anticipation of the arrival of my new polaroid cassettes, I've been once again exploring flickr for some much needed inspiration. So here are some fresh flickr favourites:

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1. bedroom, 2. It'll bloom again, 3. central hk .pen ft, 4. happy, 5. Untitled, 6. gravity/grace, 7. (baby) beluga, 8. alone again, 9. Untitled, 10. Untitled, 11. wark, 12. redballoons2

These last few days I've been working on a new 'project'. I'm trying to create some sort of a diary, not just with thoughts and other ramblings, but with photographs, drawings and random images. Right now it looks a bit silly but I have a feeling it will look a lot better once I spend a bit more time on it. So once it's looking somewhat decent, I think I will take some pictures of it and show it to you!

Last but not least I wanted to show you my great new scarf. It's so warm and cozy, I've been wearing it non stop. So if you happen to be looking for a bit of warmth during these cold october days, h&m is the place to go:

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19 opmerkingen:

Mila zei

Mandy'tje, wat een heerlijke post weer! :))
Ik vond die collectie van Marant ook erg mooi, maar ben het wat betreft de minpunten met je eens.

Mooooie Flickr faves, ik had er gister ook net eentje op gezet.

En je sjaal is heel leuk, lekker warm en behaaglijk ziet ie eruit.

Damn, ik wil gewoon meer van je fijne posts!

Emily zei

i am so unbelievably excited about this fall's trend for lacy pieces. i just bought some chunky boots to pair with them to offset the girly vibe.

Saskia zei

Mademoiselle, j'adoooore ton style!

Allure zei

I love, love, love your scarf! I was today at H&M but I didn't see it. I am afraid it hasn't arrived here yet due to the good weather we were enjoying the last two weeks.

joanne zei

i recently got a polaroid too! it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but i'm definitely searching around for inspiration. this post definitely helps :)

danica zei

Love your new scarf!

Ariella zei

I really like your flickr picks... they're so pretty!
That diary you're starting on sounds really interesting, and it would be fun to get a little glimpse at how it looks.
Lovely scarf too.

LivreMysterieux zei

I came upon your page through browsing and am very much enjoying it! The idea of a visual diary is really great, if you are interested in that sort of thing through photographs you must really take a look at Noah Kalina. He did a long term (6 years actually) project of self portraits every single day, and strung them into a video. Passage of time is really great to explore with photography. I'm interested to see how yours turns out!

the tea drinking english rose zei

it looks so comfy!!

i can't wait to see pages from your books and polaroids when you get your film.
i've been doing little journal, book with just photographs. stories, and words.

Highdee zei

looking good!

discothequechic zei

oh dear, i see what you mean about the styling at isabel marant..

that red dress and and high shouldered crop jacket (how to describe it..) don't look good together.

BUT individually the pieces are great! the floral and lace detailing is very cute indeed.

sierra zei

your style reminds me of what meredith (grey's anatomy) would wear on her days off if she had a nice style ..

Jess. zei

The balloon photo is reminding me of an Audrey Hepburn movie still, from Funny Face. I love all of these!

Hope you are well, darling.

Mettch zei

i cannot help but love your style, you look really great! and the scarf is indeed very pretty :) xx.

cleolikesyou zei

mooie fotos!!
heb die sjaal ook gezien, hij is echt vet, alleen stond hij mij heel raar op de een of andere manier;)

catherine zei

just found your blog mademoiselle, and i have to say it is gorgeous!

K. Sundari zei

These images are beautiful. If this is your source of inspiration then I am sure you will produce a beautiful journal. I myself have 3 visual diaries going at the same time. Very personal and deep.

www.freshfeeling.net zei

The scarf looks great, and you as well - love the outfit <3

ryan manning zei

i love your blog