vrijdag 10 oktober 2008

No Room For Make Up

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I thought it would be easier to write an interesting post if I limited myself to writing just one a week, but apparently, it doesn't work that way. So now it's once again friday, which seems to have become my new favourite day to blog, and I have no idea what to write about. Yet at the same time I don't feel like waiting around for inspiration to flutter by, because I'm sure that would only make things worse. So I'll just start by apologising for my extreme negligence when it comes to answering comments and actually leaving them on other blogs. For some reason I really suck at doing both of those things. Trust me, I will try to work on that. In the meantime just know that your comments are all very much appreciated!

Perhaps I should share something that's a bit more personal. You probably haven't noticed this due to my already sparse blogging, but lately I haven't been feeling well. During the last 6 weeks I got pretty sick, not just once, but three times to be exact. And in between I felt really bad, especially mentally. It felt as if my head was stuck in some sort of unpleasant haze and there was no way out of it. It was quite scary actually, to the point where I was feeling anxious all the time. But luckily, last week turned out to be the first week in a very long time that I actually felt like my normal self again! And I'm unimaginably happy about that!

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To celebrate that cheerful fact I went a little crazy with buying dvd's this week (just ignore my weird taste in movies, I simply can't help the fact that my cinematical preferences are pretty much all over the place). At least now I won't have to worry for at least another two weeks how to get through those boring evenings.

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I also decided to get all girly and bakey and made a whole bunch of heart shaped cupcakes. It was a brilliant idea because they were absolutely delicious, the creme topping tasted pretty much devine!

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Talking about sweets and girlyness, Chloé's latest collection seriously reminded me of pastries. So obviously I had no choice but to like it. If you want to win me over, connect something, anything, to food and I won't be able to resist it. It's a miracle I haven't reached the size of a whale yet.

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I also happened to order these beauties from asos. And they arrived, quelle surprise, after only two days. Now that's what I call a vast improvement!

Took these two polaroids yesterday. I'm going to take a couple more this afternoon, so if you want to know how those turn out, have a look at my
flickr, I'll upload them there asap!

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I suppose that's all for know. I wish everyone a very pleasant weekend! Au revoir!

18 opmerkingen:

Linnéa zei

love Chloé's latest collection, the color that she use are beautiful <3<3
and love the photo you have taking ^^

sierra zei

great shoes!! what do they feel like?

Knight Cat zei

everything is illuminated! ohh i loveee that movie jonathan safron foer is brilliant! have you read extremly loud and incredibly close? you should, its amazing..oh and i love those asos shoes too great buyyyy...i love your blog


Bojana zei

Hahah leuke post!

Ik ben ook een grroooote food-fan. Mijn moeder heeft mij macarons gekocht , ik was zooooo blij ! Nothing makes me happier than food :D


Jillian zei

have a good weekend yourself <3

lovelydisco zei

oh ATONEMENT! Swoooon for James McEvoy and THAT green dress!

Female Action Star zei

same to you! Those pictures are nice I like em especially of the sweet looking dog but Hey!!!! I digg ur blog to the max. Always checkin for updates and I kno ur always lookin for some cool new blogs to check out. So check out mine... Its fantasyaction.blogspot.com. Enjoy!! Let me know what u think of my "poems"

Ariella zei

The cupcakes look really pretty, and tasty, as well.
I hope you'll have some nice film-filled evenings in the days/weeks to come!

I tagged you with an award on my blog.

Mila zei

Wat een fijne post!
Ik houd van posts met verschillende leuke dingen erin!


Liefs voor jou!

*indie_queen* zei

Atonement is a great film :)

morphidee zei

oh, those cupcakes look so darling,
unfortunately it is evening now, and
im going out pretty soon, but this week
i want to make some myself hihi.
a beautiful mind is a great movie i think,
and tell us about atonement later, i still want to see it.

oh maar lief, ik hoop dat je snel rust in je hoofd creeert en met je hoofd in de wolken en in dromenland leeft. ik weet hoe alles gewoon soms niet oke is

Jess. zei

The polaroids are killing me!
They are amazing, dear.


onomatopoeia zei

@sierra: thanks, they're actually pretty comfy considering their hight ;)

@knight cat: yes I did read it! you're right, it is great, although I prefer EIU ;) and thank you!

@bojana: oooh lekker zeg!

@jillian: merci ♥

@ariella: yes I noticed, thank you so much!

@morphidee: dankjewel, ik hoop het ook ;)

@jess: thanks!

ashley zei

those pictures are wonderful- and the cupcakes look sooo yummy. looks like a perfect way to spend a day!
x ashley

Mila zei

You have been awarded!!!! ;)

Chic Looks zei

I love your polaroid pictures and those shoes are amazing, hopefully you'd show us with your outfit when they arrive... I still havent seen atonment, will have to get it on DVD sometime

ryan manning zei

ultimately life-affirming

MeganElisabeth zei

those shoes are lovely!!
very nice blog