maandag 13 oktober 2008

Take photographs for fun, for fun

What better way to start a post then with some beautiful images:

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In a couple of weeks I'll be redecorating my bedroom, and I'm très très excited about the whole thing. I'm planning to give my wall a complete make over by decorating it with lots of frames and posters and whatever looks nice. Got a lot of inspiration from these beautiful images which I found on and flickr:

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I received this wonderful award from both mila and ariella! Merci beaucoup! I'm supposed to pass this award on to 7 other blogs I love and those are:
Hope you'll enjoy it!

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How I'd wish I had an endless supply of polaroid film. It's funny how something as simple as a photograph can evoke such an immense feeling of instant happyness. Took these yesterday, in the late afternoon. I love autumn and it's everchanging colours.

29 opmerkingen:

Dominique zei

Lovely as always. Je weet altijd de mooiste foto's te vinden!

Emily zei

i look forward to seeing pictures of your finished've got some great ideas to work with!

muchlove zei

Great images, especially the last two.
I wish I could decorate my walls too (shame I can't since I'm renting).

Mila zei

Fijne post!

Prachtige Flickr selectie en je eigen foto's natuurlijk... <3

Ben erg benieuwd naar je muur!


jane zei

I love the idea of those little flags

AlicePleasance zei

Photos are the best decorations for an empty wall :-)

Margot zei

beautiful polaroids girl!

hi again ;)

Margot zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Jess. zei

I love the photo collections!
I recently showed off a series of photos in this way, all grouped together.

Hope you are well, dear.

catherine zei

these are lovely...i love the mixed frames over the couch...

Mila zei

aaaaaaah ik zie nu pas dat 1 van mijn foto's bij je Flickr dingen staat.
Potverdrie, wat een eer.
En dat meen ik.

Liefs voor jou.

Anoniem zei

thanks so much for tagging me, i'm definitely going to pass it on.

I reckon you should use a whole lot of polaroids and framed pictures for your wall, I cant wait to see your decorations

danica zei

Such a wonderful selection of images. I hope that you'll post some pictures when you're finishing re-decorating for us to look at. I'm sure your room will look gorgeous!

And thank you so much for the award. It is greatly appreciated :)

joanne zei

i just got a polaroid camera in the mail, the big swinger 3000! it only takes b&w's but i'm so excited to use it. such a pity that polaroid has ceased production...

sara zei

those images are very inspiring, thanks for posting them! <3 hope to see some pictures of your finished wall :)

*indie_queen* zei

I love autumn too, it makes me feel like I'm in another world

the tea drinking english rose zei

photographs are so precious.

your images are so perfect. i think i'm in love with your blog. if that's ever possible.

luyi zei

i love the photo collection your select!

so beautiful!

Rosa zei

Haha for fun, for that a swedish reference?? Beautiful blog! Linking u coz I like what I see...:-)

cleolikesyou zei

geweldige fotos as always!
die muren vol met lijstjes zien er erg mooi uit, als ik ooit een grote kamer heb... ;)
heb je net n award gegeven, maar zie dat je hem al van 2 mensen hebt gekregen;) nouja, dan heb je er gewoon nog 1!

HEK zei

So many lovely photos! I love the polaroids, they are just wonderful:)

Anoniem zei

beautiful photos and a great inspiration!!!! I'm really excited how your room will look after this makeover!!! ;)

Duermevela zei

Lovely moments selections...

noel zei

great, love it

sophiejade zei

I bet your finished wall will look amazing! Can't wait for pictures.

onomatopoeia zei

thanks everyone!

@joanne: wow the idea of B&W polaroids sounds so nice! I'm curious to see how they'll turn out!

@rosa: haha no it's from a regina spektor song ;)

@cleolikesyou: dankjewel!

ashley zei

those polaroids are beautiful- I hope you get more film too;)
room decorating is so much fun- especially with the selby to inspire you,
happy week-end,
x ashley

daydream lily zei


oh and I have done a frame collage in my lounge room. They looks so great. I think the key is to put up the big frames first and then fill in the space with the littler ones.

good luck with it, and show us the finished result.


Anoniem zei

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