woensdag 5 november 2008

A bit of joy

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Today has been a marvelous day filled with fantastic happenings. First waking up and hearing about Obama's well deserved victory -I'm beyond excited! I was so nervous last night, I even had butterflies in my stomach- and then finding out that KOL will finally be giving a concert in the Netherlands!

Sometimes life is simply wonderful ♥

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joanne zei

yes!!! i think everybody should feel marvelous today :) and oh i am jealous about KOL... they're making a stop in toronto but not montreal. oh well. today is still a fantastic day!

lisa zei

YEAH for change, it's an amazing day!

Lucía zei

its a great new to the ENTIRE world! amazing!

Mirthe zei

Mooie Flickr foto!

Margot zei

indeed it was a good day today! all the globe is now posing its hope for a change to him!

Margot zei

oh they re coming in ldn too! i might go if i find some company!!! i would luv to see them in a concert!

ryan manning zei


Anoniem zei

i was so glad about Obama, I didn't go to bed till very late cos I was watching it all on tv.
Beautiful picture!!

Anoniem zei

i am so happy!! hello change, hello obama! :)

La C

Anoniem zei

my whole school was just buzzing today about obamas win(i live in california and we're pretty much democratic here). the picture is beautiful too!

handbagsdealer zei

I just discovered your blog and I love it!

Mila zei

Jaaa geweldig van Obama. Ben er heel gelukkig mee!

Prachtige foto en leuk van dat concert!


Ariella zei

I agree with you completely. I was so happy that Obama won, and I was deeply touched by his speech. By the way, I love your new header!

a cat of impossible colour zei

It's such good news :)

StickyKitten zei

I am also soooo very happy that Barack won! I had been waiting for this for what seems like ages! So glad for his victory!

danica zei

Yay! It's wonderful when everything just falls into place :)

Jillian zei

very beautiful photo!


and I could NOT be happier about Obama I pray that this is the turning point for my country, it's very sad to see how behind America is and I'm hoping he can move us forward!

the tea drinking english rose zei

aw. how very sweet.
that picture is very much 'a bit of joy'.

smiles today i think.

jessica zei

the news about obama seriously made my day. it doesn't even affect a 15 year old teenage girl living in sydney like me but i was just dancing in fucking joy in my room.

btw your blog is pretty amazing.

discothequechic zei

what a day!

don't you think it is incredible that even people who aren't US citizens have been so affected by the election?

i felt/feel exactly the same; even stayed up til 3 in the morning watching the results.

it feels very special to have this history unfolding around us.

AND KOL.. does it get better?..

Anoniem zei

Yay for Obama!! :)

Have a nice week-end, take care!

Mademoiselle M.

Linnéa zei

LOVE the photo <3<3

Female Action Star zei

Love the photo.. Its pretty sick


Anoniem zei