zondag 2 november 2008

Now it's November

First of all, thanks again for your wonderful comments and suggestions! Reading them always brings a smile to my face! To answer the most asked question: the trousers are from H&M, hence the pretty pricetag.
Also, someone asked me about the fur jacket. Well, I can assure you that it's a faux one. I am disgusted by real fur and would never wear it.

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Obviously, I felt like writing a post today, but I didn't really have a clue of what it should be about. So I figured I'd just start by sharing some new purchases with you (however boring that might be).
Thursday I went to a thriftstore and there I found these pretty camera's. Eventhough I already own a polaroid sx 70 camera, this one came with an external flash, so I couldn't possibly pass it up!
As I was so happy with my subscription to Vogue Paris, I decided to subscribe to Jalouse as well. There's just something about French magazines that appeals to me (you know, the certain je ne sais qoui factor ;)). And they're amazingly cheap, even when you take in the pretty high shipping rates. I already mentioned my new dvdbox in my last post and then there's Bulgakov's the Master and Margarita. It's such an amazing book, but unfortunately, I never got the chance, or took the time, to finish it. I'm sure that now it's waiting in my bookcase, that will happen soon though.

No explanation needed:

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1. #13, 2. Real Big Swing, 3. aoi_yu_dandelion_008.jpg, 4. Untitled, 5. LastLeti, 6. nice hat, 7. Cold City - Paranoia, 8. untitled, 9. Untitled

A while ago some of you asked me about my paper cranes, well here they are:

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Last but not least, I was wondering, is there something else you want to see on this blog? Or perhaps something you'd like to see more of? Is there a topic you would like me to dedicate a post to? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts as inspiration seems to be running a bit low these days.

Hope you have a happy sunday!!

29 opmerkingen:

Lleander zei

I just found your blog actually, and I've realized that I'll definitively keep reading it.

I'd like to see your recommendations of blogs in a post?

Keep up the good work!

ryan manning zei

victory in japan

Ariella zei

Oh, those paper cranes are so pretty. I used to make them as well, and I had so many of them, but for some reason (I suppose in a spontanic decision to clear out my mess) they were chucked away.
I wish I could speak French since then I would most definitely take up a subscription on a French magazine.

LANA zei

Bedankt voor je comment! Mooie foto's :D!

En jij ook een fijne zondag gewenst :).

J. zei

You always manage to find - and take - such lovely photos. I hope you finish your book - and the cranes are beautiful :)

Mettch zei

the paper cranes are lovely, i adore all the colors! and i'm totally with you when it comes to french magazines.. i prefer french vogue out of all of the vogues and i still think jalouse is the french version of what nylon used to be years and years ago. i'm definitely a loyal reader of both! and i'd love to see more outfits from you, i adore your style! xx.

frankie. zei

i couldent pass up a polaroid either...what lovely pictures you take.

lacouturiernyc zei

i love all the photos!

La C

Jess. zei

Oh gosh, I have a similar pile of paper cranes in my room, as well. Only mine are all white.

Love your new header, dear.

Saskia zei

Jalouse! <3 ik ben ook trouw fan. Kan je wel Frans lezen dan ;) x

ashley zei

what a lucky find on the polaroid front!!!!
i think you find great topics as it is~ plus with your talent behind the lense~ even simple pictures from around your house would please me;)
hope you have a wonderful week!
x ashley

Dominique zei

Mooie post! Wat ik leuk vond was het boek van de maand. Jij vind namelijk altijd prachtige boeken.

Mirthe zei

Great blog! This is the first time I drop by and I love it!(: I'm going to follow you on bloglovin!

Amy (Shades-of-Black) zei

I so need to get that issue of Vogue Paris!!


Billie Jean zei

mooie blog!

thesearchforchic zei

Have I said I love your blog dear? you are so adorable!

Anyway..you are so lucky to have found Jalouse I have tried looking for that! I'd love to perhaps see some scans if you could.. ;)

Your posts are always inspirational dear.

Margot zei

it's not the first time i'm telling you but your songs' choice is sooo inspiring! luv it.
you got a subscription? woooow!!! thats great :D i luv this month's cover! vintage-like!

M zei

i love the paper cranes you made. i've been planning to just make paper cranes and hang some around my room.
i would love learn how to speak French, the language has always interested me.

by the way i tagged you in a blog, please check it out =)

Mila zei

Zo zo, alweer een post.
Jopie is goed bezig zeg. ;)

Ik wil ook leren om papercranes te 'vouwen'. Hihi.
Ik wil er een slinger van maken en allemaal verschillend papier gebruiken. Je hebt ook supermooi inpakpapier, daar zal het ook best mee kunnen.

Gaat ie goed, Joop?


Michael Oats zei


And I need the new Vogue Paris Issue! I'll surely buy it today!!!!

Look at my new photoshoot:


poeta fit, non nascitur zei

your photo collages of inspiration truly do inspire me! so dreamy and thoughtful.

i shall definitely check that book out. :D

Amy (Shades-of-Black) zei

I thought I'd let you know I've tagged you on my blog :)

For you zei

I love the pictures

hjartesmil zei

i love love love your blog. do you live in amsterdam?

madeleinemiranda zei

Lovely photos! :) Beautiful paper cranes, I have never really understood origami... hmmm...

Ciao Ciao!

Mademoiselle M.

Anoniem zei

i would like to see more of your room...

Anoniem zei

You support the fur industry by subscribing to magazines like Paris Vogue that regularly feature real fur in their publications. You're a bit of a hypocrite I think.

Anoniem zei


Anoniem zei

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