woensdag 29 oktober 2008


As the unexpectedly wise Forrest Gump once said, life is like a box of chocolates. Those words seem particularly true today. After wasting spending an hour at the local optician I decided that I deserved something tasty and bought a golden box filled with delicious Belgian chocolates. Then when I came home I found a little package on the kitchen table, in it was a dvd box, containing the whole first season of Jericho, aka one of my all time favourite series! So my afternoon turned out to be quite pleasant. Ok that must have sounded completely random, but so be it.

Apart from the above, there's actually some more good news, although I have to say, nothing's certain yet. It seems that I'll be visiting my chere Paris pretty soon! Together with my mother I am planning a trip and if all goes well (fingers crossed) we will be going there somewhere by the end of january/beginning of february. As a late birthday trip pour moi. So I reckon there will be a lot of shopping involved! I'm already saving up some money.

Here are some more beautiful photographs from flickr I felt like sharing with you:

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1. Untitled, 2. sx70229s, 3. no, 4. Untitled, 5. Where's Erick 3, 6. 開拔, 7. T o u c h i n g ., 8. Casting Spells., 9. Untitled

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Last friday I went to Antwerpen and there I bought this rather interesting pair of trousers. They were on sale and for only 20 euros I figured I could just as well give them a try. But now I'm experiencing some creative difficulties when it comes to how to wear them. So your ideas are more than welcome!

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StickyKitten zei

love the photos--especially the one with the handful of strawberries =)

Marina zei

woow the trouser is so amazing!!!
it was the wright choice to take it with you.
in my opinion your outfit is very beautiful! i really like it.

LANA zei

geweldige outfit :). deed me gelijk aan de ss09 collectie van Marant denken!

Julie zei

ik heb net je blog ontdekt en ik ben helemaal verkocht! Bijgevolg heb ik net de hele avond gespendeert aan het bekijken van alle posts die je tot nu toe hebt geplaatst :).

Lou zei

Whoa, that outfit looks fantastic!! Where did you get the trousers?
Maybe this is some inspiration:

Also, check Jak and Jil or tFS, I remember several voguettes wearing trousers like that and rocking them..x

Emily zei

great pics...the pumpkins make me so happy!

Allure zei

You might like this outfit:


Amy (Shades-of-Black) zei

Wow, your trousers look amazing, trust me you need no inspiration on how to wear them, you've done it perfectly :)

Where are they from!?

thesearchforchic zei

I love the way you wear them, you look great.. the big scarf is just right with them.

You always dress so well, please show us more pics. ;)


Margot zei

i would love to see this whole outfit with a fur jacket on!

it's marvellous!

Thumbelina zei

Oh what an amazing birthday that would be! A trip Paris in the winter, it just sounds too magical to be true. And those trousers are just perfect, you really are able to pull them off effortlessly (me on the other hand? not so much, haha). Also, don't you just love those simple days like just watching your favorite dvds or reading your favorite book and it just makes you so content and happy? They are just so enjoyable.
Hope all is well with you hun!!
*Those chocolates sounds absolutely delicious!*
Ciao ciao <3

Ariella zei

Oh, I like those pants... quite interesting as you said. I'm not sure how you could wear them honestly, but it looks nice how you wear them on the picture.

Oh, and lucky you going to Paris!

poeta fit, non nascitur zei

cool trousers!

your outfit is amazing as it is (!), but since you're asking for more suggestions, i'm thinking, a tight tank top tucked in would look really nice too. or a short loose sweater paired with insane flats. but i reckon it's cold where you are so that wouldn't really do.

jane zei

mm I love boxes of assorted chocolates

indianwoman zei

Hi, you are a great shopper who knows to pick the right things from the shelves. I loved the pictures.

Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios zei

amazing trousers! I love how the belt ties them to make them all bunchy at the top...

Mila zei

Hee sweetie!
Je ziet er wederom fantastico uit!

Nice post, as always..


Cathy zei

you pulled the pants off quite well

Dream on zei

aaa die broek gweldig

Ammu zei

Love the outfit - I think tank tops look great with these trousers, either an embellished tank top or a simple one with a big necklace. And ballet flats. Love how you have styled it.

Dominique zei

Wat een geweldige broek! Het is inderdaad een beetje in de stijl van Marant. Prachtig!

lisa zei

love these pants!!!
xoxo from las vegas

nikole zei

love them