dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

October Road

Bonjour everyone!

Let's start with the tag that was given to me by the oh so cute and very kind tea drinking english rose. Thank you!

the rules are: mention the person who nominated you. list 6 unimportant things that make you happy. tag 5 blogs. state the rules. notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

1. cuddling with my bunny
2. pink skies
3. watch a polaroid photograph develop
4. driving on the highway while listening to my favourite music
5. being able to stuff myself with what seems to be an endless amount of chinese food
6. planning future travels

And I'll nominate heart in a cage, mila, margot, cleolikesyou and jess!

October picks
this month's favourites:

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- origami cranes
I've been folding a huge amount of cranes these past few weeks in order to make an origami mobile. I'm not done yet but I'm sure it will turn out magnificently!

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- watching globe trekker
my latest addiction. 4 times a day is not nearly often enough to keep my constant hunger for new countries satisfied. If there would be something like a globe trekker channel, I'd be sitting behind the tv 24/7.

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- peel apart polaroids
these brilliant photographs have something so enormously charming about them, but unfortunately the price is a bit less agreeable. Luckily there's

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- aquaria
I love the underwater world. Dolphins, coloured fish, squids, they're all so lovely and intriguing to look at.

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- fall leaves
the weather may be cold and wet, but at least the trees are dressed in the most magnificent colours. And how much fun is it to go for a walk in the woods and come home with a whole bunch of colourful and beautifully shaped leaves?

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- cropped (faux) fur jackets
I. Like. Them. Got one myself this week. Hate the real ones though.

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- birds
There's something about birds I find so beautiful. I just love looking at them. Or at pictures of them. Or drawings. Or whatever other shape or form they come in.

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- wall decoration
Posters, postcards, drawings, as long as you can put it on a wall, I like it.

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- this fantastic editorial

photos from flickr (click on image for the link), theselby.com, thefashionspot and moi meme

And thank you for all your kind comments! I will respond to them ASAP!

15 opmerkingen:

Emily zei

that picture of the fall leaves is superb!

StickyKitten zei

I love the CatPower song on your page! I've never heard her version until now-it's beautiful. Great photographs too.....the underwater one makes me want to visit the aquarium soon. Your crane mobile is really dreamy...lovely idea!


J. zei

I can't wait to see your mobile! This was such a lovely post :)

Allure zei

I want a fur jacket too...but I haven't found anything I really like yet.

Besides, you have to show us your origami cranes,please!!

Mila zei

En bedankt voor de tag, Dirkje (?)

lev_i_mote zei

love the coat! where is it from?

and i am totally agreeing about the chinese food...it is my fave.


danica zei

This is such a happy, lovely post :) I hope you will post a picture of your paper crane mobile when you are finished!

a cat of impossible colour zei

I love the shot of the origami cranes - they look like they're migrating somewhere exciting. :)

Andrea xx

getting-freaky zei

je hebt een super leuke blog. x

thesearchforchic zei

Ohh.. You're back!! =D

I really want to see how you wear your fur coat..it looks adorable!
Lovlely post as always.
Hope you're well.

Alexandra zei

your blog is very inspirational!

onomatopoeia zei

merci everyone! I will show the origami mobile as soon as it's finished!

@lev i mote: it's from h&m ;)

ashley zei

i started folding cranes a little while back for a mobile as well. i am now out of pretty paper~ and miss playing with my hands and creases. i love this blog~ it is so pretty and inspirational~i am adding you to my list right now!!
x ashley

Anoniem zei

i hope the fur is faux :(

Sarah Klevan zei

wat een geweldige blog! ik neem aan dat je nederlands bent? ik zag het door de katja yoghurtgums, lekker zijn die :)