zaterdag 29 november 2008


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I assumed I would have some more time to write this post, but I've been working on a time consuming history essay all morning, I still need to bake a pie, and I have to make sure I'm ready for my birthday party tonight! So unfortunately this post won't be as elaborate as I promised yesterday. To get back to your comments, the concert was indeed fantastic, they played for more than an hour, although I wouldn't have minded if they played all night. And I got to see Alex Kapranos up close, eventhough at first we didn't even realise it was him, which was quite confusing and funny at the same time. Anyway, they did this great drum routine (something pretty similar to this) at the end of their song Outsiders which was unbelievably cool.

On a completely different note, last weekend we had our first days of snow here in the Netherlands. I just loved it! I've always enjoyed snow, it reminds me of Christmas, which is my absolute favourite holiday of the year. Talking about Christmas, I've already started listening to christmas songs on my ipod. George and Mariah are my new best friends for the next few weeks.

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Wednesday I'll be turning 21, the magical number. As an early gift to myself I bought a new camera! It's a Sony Alpha 200 DSLR and it's perfect.

her are some new flickr favourites:

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1. Frozen Sunset, 2. happy birthday, katie!, 3. Such a perfect day, 4. polaroad, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Sofia Coppola, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled

that's all for now! will try to respond to everyone's comments asap and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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emiliethestrange zei

nice camera you got :D

Allure zei

Anticipated congratulations! Franz Ferdinand concerts' must be so much fun.

Amy (Shades-of-Black) zei

Happy birthday for wednesday!, and have an awesome time tonight!
Love those Flickr photos.

Mirthe zei


J. zei

Happy early birthday!

lacouturiernyc zei

such beautiful photos :)

La C.

Corie zei

love the flickr photos. how do you always find such great ones? :)

btw i have given you an award on my blog.

Theresa zei


Hope you have a fantastic time.

I love the polaroid pic of bambi.

A Quartzy Life zei

21?! I just turned that! :D It's the best- have a good birthday!

Oh, and how do you set up images in a grid like that?! It's neat- I'd love to know!

Ivania zei

Happy Birthday!

Ariella zei

Congratulations on the new camera, and happy early birthday (in case I forget to tell you on Wednesday). I hope your party will be excellent!

L ♥ zei

hope you had a good birthday!
just a quick question- how do you get that lovely sort of scribbled edge effect on your photos? :]

Margot zei

wow amazing camera. it must be doing miracles! +i luv the pics you chose. this bambi (!) is soooo cute!

{lucie} zei

beautiful flickr selection, Happy Birthday sweety, I wish you a lot of wonderful pictures with your new camera!

StickyKitten zei

i love that snowy picture..did you take that? happy birthday!

ashley zei

nice camera, happy 21 when it comes.

tigermilk zei

lovelyyy everything :)

CapuccinoB. zei

wow, i love your new camera!


thesearchforchic zei

Happy Birthday darling hope you have a great day!!


ŞeNaY zei

wow so many beautiful posts as always!<3 and congrats on your new camera! it really looks great and im looking forward to see the photos you'll take with it.

cleolikesyou zei

mooie fotos (en camera natuurlijk)!
hoe maak je zon flickr selectie eigenlijk?

jacquieshambles zei

Beautiful images... keep em comin!
xoxo jacquieshambles

makemoremistakes zei

This post is so lovely! And that camera must be heaven. Thank you for the sweet comment- I must say, I don't particularly like anything by the new pornographers except for that song that I posted- but that song is one of my very favorites of all time.

I hope you're well!


Ariella zei

Happy birthday! I hope you've had a lovely day :)

Babbel zei

Weet niet of je mijn mailtje gezien hebt, bij deze alsnog het allerbestegoeiste voor het komende levensjaar! Xx

Eveline zei


I just started my blog and linked yours in it, i hope that's okay with you...


Cuauhtemoc Suarez zei

Hello! I hope you Had a happy birthday, I'm about to have mine the 8th..

I'm glad you like my photo, hope the best for you!

Mila zei

Wat een geweldige post meis! <3
Prachtige camera en ik ben blij te horen/lezen dat het concert zo gaaf was!

Veel liefs,


onomatopoeia zei

merci beaucoup everyone!

@L ♥: It's a standard paint shop pro application ;)

@stickykitten: yes I did!

@cleolikesyou: via

Mirthe zei

Wauw, super mooi!

Nathalia zei

Such beautiful photos! Frans Ferdinan comes to sweden soon! I have a new one, come and give your opinion, it would make me so happy!

ps. your blog is really nice!

futurowoman zei

thank you!!!! :)