zondag 7 december 2008

December's here

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Bonjour everyone!

Last thursday I bought the most wonderful wallet at Zara. I had been eyeing this particular wallet for quite some time and I'm glad I actually took the bold step of purchasing it!

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A couple of weeks ago I discovered this blog http://abbytrysagain.typepad.com/abbytryagain/ and it's been a favorite ever since. This girl's photographs are just so stunning and pretty!

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The good thing about having a mother with a mild form of amnesia is the fact that you could end up receiving birthday gifts days after your actual birthday. At least that's what happened to me. Saturday my mother came into my room with a huge package, apologising for the fact that she had completely forgotten about this particalur gift and just came across it while she was arranging her closet. It turned out to be the giant cupcake shaped teapot I'd been lusting over for weeks!

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Yesterday a friend of mine told me about this awesome Keri Smith project aka the Portable tree. If you don't mind getting glue all over your hands and you kinda like the idea of having a cute little christmas tree, I'd suggest you just give it a go! I made one yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I think I might make another one (or five) You can find the tree at: http://www.kerismith.com/funstuff/portable_tree.pdf

Have a great day!

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37 opmerkingen:

Camille says OOPS. zei

The last one is SO cute !
thanks for sharing !

Corie zei

I love abby tries again's flickr. I never knew she had a blog... thanks for sharing!
I really like your wallet.

Margot zei

amazing post dear! i'll definitely play with glue as soon as i reload my printer with ink!!!
your mother must be so cute- lovely teapot.
then the wallet is fab and the pics.. just wish i had taken them!!!

hope you received my ecard ;) if not wishing you a happy happy happy birthday!!!!!

a cat of impossible colour zei

Such a cute teapot! And panda. :)

notebookdoodles zei

such a cute wallet and the teapot is even better!! wow.


J. zei

ahhh your teapot!!! it's so CUTE! makes me feel like rainbows and unicorns, you know what i mean? :)

Fish and Fashion zei

i simply love your blog
the pictures on it are very nice !
I'm also crazy about France
actually I can talk it very well, because I live in Belgium. Later I would like to live there, because Amélie poulain lives there

with love X

CapuccinoB. zei

wow, that teapot is so cute!


Mettch zei

lovely lovely post! first of all, the teapot is adorable and the wallet is beautiful. also, thanks for that last link to the christmas tree. the idea is adorable and i'll definitely take good use of it seeing my mom suffers from MCS and this is the first year we're unable to have tree. i'm sure she'll think this is adorable, too! xx.

StickyKitten zei

that tea pot is too cute! i hope you are getting excited for the holiday! xxx.

Heart in a cage zei

Ah die taartpolaroids zijn leuk! De laatste foto ook<3 Ik vind je portemonnee erg mooi. Ik ben eigenlijk al een hele tijd op zoek naar een portemonnee misschien kan ik mijn moeder overhalen om ergens te gaan winkelen waar ze in elk geval een Zara hebben. Ik vind namelijk nergens een mooie portemonnee8) Die theepot is trouwens zoooo leuk<3

Nathalia zei

Oh I want such a bag! Lovely pics btw...

I have a new blog, come and give an opinion, it would make me so happy!

luyi zei

the wallet is definitely beautiful!

i hope it also has enougn space for cards.

Theresa zei

The picture of the tea cup is lovely

V zei

love love your blog
wanna link?

Mirthe zei

Ik heb je een award gegeven!

Anna Karenina zei

I think your blog is great! Therefore I have given you an award :) Go to http://the-snows-of-kilimanjaro.blogspot.com/ to check it out!

Ariella zei

Oh, that teapot is so darling. Really pretty. You must be drinking lots of tea now then!

And 'Abby tries again' does take wonderful photographs. I'll definitely check her blog from time to time.

I tagged you on my blog. I hope you don't mind.

atelier zei

I am a bit late, but happy birthday. The Zara wallet is lovely, and the last picture so funnY!

Michael Oats zei



poeta fit, non nascitur zei

my sister will die if she sees the tea pot! she loves things like that.

and might i just say, that panda totally melted my heart! pandas look so deliciously huggable!!

hannah zei

your blog is beautiful.

jane zei

I have awarded you :)

joanne zei

sweet wallet! i think i have a problem - i love anything that's grey. and grey suede is just the best. :P

sparkle zei

i hope hope december is being wonderful for you so far,

letslivefast zei

aww all of these photos are so lovely- and that zara wallet is soo pretty! :)


jessica zei

omg the last panda pic is so precious

makemoremistakes zei

aww you're so cute! I love the christmas tree idea.

Thank you for the sweet comments, sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you...

Hope you're well love!


ŞeNaY zei

beautiful pictures and oh! what an adorable panda!!!♥ looks so silly and squeezy ♥
Lots of Love

Ediot zei

hi darling. your blog is so cute- and winterY.

if you want . you could enter my competition to win a tshirt
check into my blog to read.

take care!

Mila zei

Die theepot is zo lief.. <3

Ik heb je een leuk, sappig awardje gegeven. Omdat je nooit op mn blog komt kijkne of in ieder geval nooit reageert. ;)




wow i adore this post!
what a lovely photography!
thanks for sharing

Alice zei

such a cool teapot !!

Hannah zei

Ha ha, I think I may have come across that picture on the lolcat website at some point. I love your wallet. I found a vintage one just like that a while ago in a charity shop except it was a lighter brown and leather. It was so worn and beautiful but it was £5 so I always put off buying it. When I eventually did go to get it it had been sold! Just my luck..

Jess. zei

Your teapot is so precious, dear! I am absolutely in love with it.

Hope you are well!

Daniëlle zei

Je porto is echt mooi :)

Anoniem zei

wat ik zocht, bedankt