dinsdag 20 januari 2009

4 days in Paris


1. Reaumur Sebastopol, 2. Blanche, 3. Champs de Mars, 4. Anvers deux, 5. Rambuteau, 6. Hotel de Ville, 7. Anvers, 8. Pigalle, 9. Louvre Rivoli, 10. Tuilleries, 11. Arts et Metiers, 12. Reaumur Sebastopol trois, 13. Palais Royal - Musee du Louvre, 14. Sevres Babylone, 15. Reaumur Sebastopol deux, 16. Hotel de Roubaix

more at http://www.flickr.com/photos/carbon_monoxide

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Elina zei

heey. i'm from finland and i suddenly find ur blog, I L-O-V-E I-T ! it's great, wonderful photos and it's really tells about ur style i can see from this blog what is ur style ! and i luv it =) i have different style. and i want to ask who is ur style icons? and how's people style u like? i like most clothes of nicole richie's & mischa barton but i don't like ashley olsen or mary kate or kate moss so much and what u think about those ''fashion icons'' ? i am little shy to wear clothes what is ''too'' showy.

notebookdoodles zei

aaaah. i love it!!!! one day i shall visit paris....


Anoniem zei

your pictures are fantastic, it looks like such a great trip, one day I'm going to live in paris.

LANA zei

super foto's!! krijg echt een goede indruk van het wonderschone Paris zo, dus thanks voor het sharen!

Lin zei

Oh so lovely! I can't wait to return...

Anoniem zei

amazing pics. it basically also sums up all the nice things ive experienced there too.

greetz from tiz zei

so nice and interesting blog!
I'm going to Paris thursday!your pics are so beautiful,
dank je wel!

Margot zei

hey! welcome back! did YOU take these pics?
omg they re amazing!!!!!!! i luv each and every one of them! (:

Anoniem zei

awwww so lovely, instantly makes my reminiscent about my trips to paris ))))

Ivania zei

Oh lovely photos...lovely paris!

Belen Vazquez Amaro zei

Nice pics!xxx

camille zei

wow, girl. i love them ALL ♥. congratulations, you are very talented.

broadcast zei

nice photos!! love your blog.

Jess. zei

I am so so SO envious! There is no place I'd rather be right now than in Paris. I'd love to just get out of New York for awhile. Hope your trip is amazing, dear!


cleolikesyou zei

mooi zeg!
volgens mij heb jij het wel naar je zin gehad:)

Linnéa zei

-OUI, OUI! I want to go to Paris ><

thesearchforchic zei

Oh, I miss it so. <3

Glad your're back!

catherine zei

so jealous! paris in the winter! or any season for that matter!

Lluviaschick zei

i so miss livng there....

Moded'amour zei

love those pics, and i love paris! im going back to paris in 4 weeks, cant wait

Allure zei

You're such a talented photographer! I truly mean it.

Michael Oats zei

Ey! Take a look at my last shoot!

Photographed by Michael oats


Robine zei

Mooie foto's!

sofia zei

these photos are absolutely stunning! i suddenly miss paris!!

Marie-Eve zei

Is it cliché to say this looks romantic? Is this only because it's Paris? I think so.

Alice zei

great sellection :D

{this is glamorous} zei

Nothing could be better than 4 days in Paris.

Belen Vazquez Amaro zei


Anoniem zei

you have very good taste in pictures, i always love your flickr picks.

imlikeomg.com zei

geweldig <3

Natalie zei

Hey, just thought I'd say thank you for all your posts, they really do inspire me so much...I love your style and your eye for things.

Anoniem zei

these are soooooo beautiful, hun!

Annie zei

these pictures are absolutely stunning, you captured paris in the prettiest way possible.

i love your blog! all your photos are gorgeous.


PeppermintDaydreams zei

wish i lived in those photos!

very nice.

sobinique zei

I love Paris! Great pictures!