donderdag 15 januari 2009

Je depart a Paris

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If I were a religious person I'd probably be shouting something along the lines of 'praise the lord' right now, because the trip to Paris is definitely taking place. So I'll be leaving tomorrow and we'll be sleeping in the cutest little hotel ever! It even has floral wallpapers and tiny little balcony's.

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I did, however, spend a significant part of my savings for this trip on a pair of boots last week. Yes shame on me, but they're beautiful and very similar to the boots from the Kooples I wanted so badly, so in a way there's no real harm done.


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Today Mango will release Sandrina Fasoli's exclusive collection in selected stores on the European continent (that includes Paris). I think this collection is quite wonderful and I would love to get my hands on one of these pretty blouses. Or trousers for that matter.

I realise my posts have been very unfrequent lately and I promiss I'll write an 'enormous' entry about the trip (and I will also catch up with/respond to everyone's lovely comments) as soon as I get back!

Au revoir!

27 opmerkingen:

{lucie} zei

yeah great news! have fun in Paris and take a lot of pictures for us!xx

Margot zei

that's so great cherie! amuse toi super bien :D
oh! and i cant wait till the 'huge' paris post as soon as you come back.

bisous bisous

Margot zei
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AlicePleasance zei

Have a great time in a wonderful city :-)

Jane zei

that first outfit is very adorable.

beckylou zei

Oh ik ben blij dat het door gaat
héél véél plezier daar!

thesearchforchic zei

Have fun sweetheart!! I miss Paris already.. <3 Those boots are great, I got The Kooples ones. ;)

Marion zei

Bon séjour, dans la romantique Paris ;-)

joanne zei

sweeet! i hope you have a great time there :) please also eat my share of macarons for me, haha!!

LANA zei

Heel veel plezier in het mooi Paris :D!

Allure zei

Have tons of fun!!!

camille zei

i love that first photo, i faved it some days ago on flickr, hahaha.
you're so lucky about the Paris trip and the hotel! it's beautiful!!!

the ankle boots are gorgeous, by the way.

take care and have an excellent time in France.
au revoir.

Emily zei

i'm so happy for'll have a wonderful time. also, i adore that first image!

cleolikesyou zei

wat fijn dat het doorgaat, dat hotelletje ziet er echt leuk uit:)
heel veel plezier in parijs!
die middelste outfit is trouwens geweldig.

Michael Oats zei

Photographed by Michael Oats
(Pictures of my last exhibition)

ŞeNaY zei

have a wonderful time in Paris!cant wait to see photos of your trip!Lots of Love!<3<3

Jack. zei

I was there for my x-mas holidays. it's magical. enjoy!

Mila zei

Ben je al weg, Geert?
Nou zeg, je hebt me niet eens gedag gezegd.
Over je retegoeie post zeg ik niks, dat doe je bij mij ook nooit.


Fashion Pariah zei

Question, did you buy those kooples boots online? I am desperate for a pair of their boots, but thought they shipped to t France only?

danica zei

have a wonderful time!!!

Mettch zei

how wonderful! i'm really jealous. to me paris is the simply the best spot on the earth. i hope you're enjoying yourself, the city and everything it offers! xx.

D zei

aiii i loooooove those boots too. my friend is studying in paris, and has been sent on a mission to locate those boots.


StickyKitten zei

You are going to Paris!? You lucky, lucky girl!!!!!! Do be sure to tell us all about it!!

Alice zei

* it's "Je pars à Paris" :)

Vintage Tea zei

I love the collection. I was in mango just the other day and didnt see it. maybe I missed it

Check me out at


Anoniem zei

Hee, ten eerste ik vind je blog echt heel leuk en vind het jammer (doch begrijpelijk met dit weer) dat je niet meer zo vaak berichten plaatst!

Mijn vraag was eigenlijk waar je de schoenen (die op 'the kooples') lijken hebt gekocht? Ik ben al best lang op zoek naar iets vergelijkbaars en vroeg me af of jij me misschien kon vertellen waar ik zoiets zou ik kunnen vinden.

Nouja in ieder geval veel plezier in het mooie weer,

Liefs jip

Suzanne zei

love the boots :)