dinsdag 6 januari 2009

From the rooftops I remember, there was snow..


Last week, just when I thought my bad travel karma was a thing of the past, I received an email from the travel agency saying that the Paris trip was cancelled due to a lack of demand. I could, however, reschedule the trip, which would mean we'd have to go a day later. I reluctantly did so, as the only other option was to not go to Paris at all. Unfortunately they couldn't give me a guarantee for this trip to actually take place either, or at least not until a week before the departure date.
Well that's just fantastic, isn't it? Now I'm anxiously checking my mail every hour, worrying that this trip get's cancelled as well. So much for looking forward to Paris.

With all this 'drama' going on, I felt like I had no other choice than to comfort myself with buying the Athé Vanessa Bruno dress I mentioned earlier. I received it a couple of days ago and it really is as perfect as I'd imagined it to be. I know I'll be wearing it a lot during spring and summer and it's really versatile as it can be worn as both a dress and a top.

As long as we're on the topic of what to wear, I feel like every year, at the beginning of the year, I have this huge crisis when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I all of a sudden feel the need to reinvent myself, and revive my wardrobe, even when there's actually nothing wrong with it (as would be the case right now) It's probably because of the holidays, I'm telling you, those black sequins and glitter tights are the devil's spawn. After being surrounded by them for a week or so, I am tempted to dress up like some sparkly party decoration EVERY DAY, even and especially when there's no reason for celebration. I'm sure that come February this severe case of discofever will have died down, but until then, I shall have to try very hard to refrain myself from clicking the 'add to basket' button whenever I come across something glittery on the web.

Since yesterdaymorning the streets have been covered in at least 15cm's of snow, don't think that has happened in the the last five years. And it's cold, freezing cold. I'm glad there are such things as moonboots because without them I probably would have already lost a toe or two to frostbite. Especially since my bloodcirculation is so messed up. Anyway, I'll be glad when spring starts and brings along some warmer weather.

Before I forget, you might have noticed that I replaced the header, I'm not sure yet if I should keep this one or switch back to the old one, what do you think?


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I adore the new header, and literally laughed out loud at your post about how during the holiday festivities you get so used to wearing sparkly and glittery clothing that if you don't it doesn't feel right. how true!

i do hope your paris trips pulls through, it would be such a shame if you had to cancel! :(

jennifer, zei

i a really beautiful header, but i was inlove with the last one...

Margot zei

i'm longing for sprintime too! dear i really hope everythin turns out well with your trip. you deserve it after all!!! and i can imagine your stress about it :/

i adore the new header. i so luv this new campaign. dont change it is very you!


left hand endeavor zei

i can't for the life of me remember the old header right now! but i really like this new one! and it goes so well with the name and content of your blog!

i couldn't be more on the same page as you with the anticipating spring business. I'm not sure exactly where you are in the world, but here in Montreal I still have at least 4 more months of this!!
My outfit inspirations are clouded by the need to layer up my tights and bundle up in huge bulky coats and scarves and hats!

ariana zei

i'm so sorry about your trip - hopefully it will work out! your due some sort of reward for waiting it out until the last minute. and the new header is lovely!

lucy zei

I like the new header. I love that you switch them up. I'm with you on wanting to dress up everyday like a sparkly party decoration!

Robine zei

heeft het bij jullie ook zo erg gesneeuwd? Echt niet normaal he, maar het is wel mooi!
Ik ben zeer benieuwd naar aanfoto's van je jurk. Vind hem echt mooi :)

En wat klote van Parijs zeg, ik hoop voor je dat hij niet geannuleerd wordt

Robine zei
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Ariella zei

Oh no, I feel really sorry for you that you have to go through this. You really do deserve this trip to Paris considering the fact that you've had at least a couple of your travels cancelled over this past year. I will cross my fingers for you that you'll get to go.

This header is really lovely, and I like it a lot... however, the previous one was just magical. Though we all need a change sometimes, don't we?

a cat of impossible colour zei

Oh how frustrating about Paris! And I have that beginning-of-the-year indecision as well ... I'm spending a lot of time staring at my wardrobe lately :P

Anoniem zei

I love you, I love your blog.

Mirthe zei

Ik heb je getaggd:)

danica zei

I hope that your trip to Paris is not cancelled. How disappointing! I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)

I think that the whole fashion reinvention thing is quite typical of the post-New Year's period - I am going through the same thing at the moment!

Happy 2009 <3

deep_in_vogue zei

oh this is so gorgeous! I love the new header!

Michael Oats zei

Photographed by Michael Oats


Jane zei

ah that is annoying about your trip being canceled. I was supposed to go on a boat trip for 3 days later this month, but I can't anymore because I got a letter from my new school telling me to attend some compulsory educational thing on the day that I would be on my trip!

I really love that first picture of the snow, it's breathtaking. And I haven't seen snow in so long..I miss it.
Also, I like your new header.

Cellar Door zei

Beautiful images. And I know exactly what you mean about the sparkly stuff. I'm so hooked on metallics and all that glitters that my husband quite often pipes up with some space related pop song or other when I walk in the room.

PinkBow zei

i really like your new header, a nice change. fingers crossed for your trip xoxo

Cathy zei

i never see snow where i live. and i hope your trip to paris isn't cancelled! it sounds like it would be fun.
p.s. i love the new header.

indie_tea zei

The header is truly lovely...I love it.

cleolikesyou zei

sneeuw? wow ik ben jaloers!
wij hebben nog helemaal niks:(
ik hoop dat je parijsreis nog door gaat, wat stom zeg allemaal.
je jurk vind ik heel erg mooi!
btw, ik ben even weg geweest, maar ik ben nu weer aan t bloggen!

Michael Oats zei

Photographed by Michael Oats

"This is the letter where I ask mark for being photographer of his new ads. Juergen is old fashion."


Thumbelina zei

I hope your Paris trip works out, because it really is the worst thing in the world to be looking forward to something so much when in the end it doesn't work out. And... let me tell you, I know something about the cold weather as well!! It's horrible hear! It has snowed so much on my street, and I can hardly drive up the hill. To make matters worse it is raining and has turned the huge piles of snow into slush (yuck!). I am just scared for when it gets colder again because the roads will soon turn into ice. Anyway, I love your banner--I am really trying to figure out how I can change up my banner or page, need to spice things up once in a while, no?
Like I said I really hope you go to Paris!!
Ciao dear <3

zoë zei

that's unbelievable !
well hopefully your whole paris arrangements won't turn into a fiasco.
good luck !
think positively ♥